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Keeping things Chill in Green Bay



Cassie Anderson gets ready for the next Green Bay Chill game



It can be a long season in the LFL. With ample time between games to get players in shape, develop chemistry and install new plays and gadgets, it also allows players such as the Green Bay Chill’s Cassie Anderson and Rykki Casey time to continue to develop their game and their impact on the expansion Green Bay Chill


My goal for the LFL is to just continue being an important asset to the team. I am excited to continue learning more about the game and improving every year” Cassie Anderson says. “I think my work ethic makes me unique. I want to be the best player possible so being a consistent and aggressive player is what I try to bring to the team.”


Her teammate, Rykki Casey echos that very sentiment;


My goal for this year was to help make this team a success both on and off the field. I was with Chicago for a while last year so I knew the hard work that went into the LFL. Just being there for the girls when they had questions or questioned what went on behind the scenes is what I wanted to add to the team.



In every sport that I have played growing up I was best at the defensive side of the game. What better sport to play than football where you can just play defense. If someone gets hurt you play both sides of the ball in this league.



Both ladies bring balance and stability to the expansion Green Bay Chill, adding a presence on both sides of the ball. Anderson is a running back and linebacker and has already registered 8.5 tackles in the 2011 season. Casey is also contributing on the defensive side of the ball with 6 tackles so far this year, 4 of which are solo tackles.


While they can be found roaming the defensive side of the ball together, you may also find Anderson and Casey collectively contributing on offense. While Anderson is a running back in the Chill’s offense she relies on players like Casey to provide blocking. Casey is a key offensive lineman for the Chill’s offensive attack and responsible for not only providing protection for the quarterback, but also creating holes and running lanes for backs like Anderson.


It’s that cohesiveness that the Chill look to display on the field on game day. Players like Anderson and Casey each know hey are important to the makeup of the team and understand their individual and collective contributions are keys to building success one game at a time.


Something Cassie Anderson takes a lot of pride in.


“My goal for the LFL is to just continue being an important asset to the team. I am excited to continue learning more about the game and
improving every year. I think my proudest accomplishment thus far is having the most tackles on the team. Defense is such a huge key to winning and I love being an aggressive player.


Rykki Casey (10) lines up on the defensive side of the ball for the Green Bay Chill

I think I make an impact on the team by being a leader and helping other players as much as possible. I want everyone on the team to do well so our team can perform the best, so I enjoy helping out.”


Rykki Casey isn’t much different when it comes to providing a value to the team.


“My goal was to be able to play one season, at least and be able to watch this sport’s fan base grow. My proudest accomplishments thus far is being a defensive starter at linebacker.”



Both Anderson and Casey have embraced the opportunity to play for Head Coach and former Green Bay Packer standout Gilbert Brown. Taking his NFL experience and teaching have been a huge benefit for all the players on the Chill. Anderson and Casey have relished playing in Brown’s system and value the lessons they are learning as the season progresses.


“It is truly an honor to play for a Green Bay great” Casey said. “He wants us to play with respect for the game that he loves. So when we are on the field we give everything we’ve got not to let him down.”


Anderson would agree: “Gilbert doesn’t mess around. He can be hard on us but does still show that he cares about everyone as a person.”


The hard work and improvement that Coach Brown demands of his players is translating to the field. Green Bay has made an impact in their first season in the LFL. Being an expansion team can be a challenging road for any sports franchise. Despite posting a 1-2 record, the Chill have been putting teams on notice in the LFL. Aside from their 42-8 loss at the hands of the Seattle Mist, Green Bay could easily be 2-1, their first loss of the season was Opening Night against the Minnesota Valkyrie. A game that saw the Chill  narrowly lose by 3 points.


It’s games like those that drive players like Anderson and Casey to constantly improve. Through hard work and development they know they can find ways to win those tight games and turn those L’s into W’s.


Hard work and dedication is nothing new to the female athletes in the LFL. In fact, most people may have the wrong idea about the LFL and women’s football. That’s something both Cassie Anderson and Rykki Casey hope they can change peoples minds about. Both want people to see the LFL for what it really is.


“The biggest misconception is that we don’t play hard. Unless people see a game, their first thought is that we just run around pretending
like we know what we’re doing. Which is obviously so far from the truth, LFL players are tough athletes” Anderson said.

“Seeing the LFL on TV is what got me excited about playing football. I never grew up having the opportunity to play tackle football so I was
pumped to start playing. I saw my first LFL game on TV. The girls were hitting hard and I saw some awesome athletes. I have always been an aggressive athlete, I played soccer. and thought it would be a great sport for me. I also ran track and was captain of my team my senior year.”


Cassie Anderson working hard in practice on her running game

Casey was a bit more blunt with her thoughts:


“Some people think that we are sluts and just want to look good for tv. Sorry had to be blunt on that one. We are first and foremost athletic women that take care of ourselves and others around us. Pretty much everyone of us has a story that the fans don’t know about. Some of us are wives, mothers, college students, have battled cancer, lost parents, have family with illness. We are real people!  It’s real hard hitting football! Ignore the outfits and watch the game for 1 minute and you will see that this stuff is for real!”


I got into it on a whim. I looked it up on the internet last year and thought I would just tryout to say that I got to sweat with the girls. Then they called me back and I made the Bliss team. I tore my ACL and wanted to come back for 1 season. So I am now with the Chill.”


Whether it’s on the field or in the locker room both Cassie Anderson and Rykki Casey bring all they have to the Green Bay Chill. So far, it’s paid dividends and has helped the Chill piece together a respectable first season in the LFL

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