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Phil Kessel Sticks Up for Ex-Coach



It is no secret that Ron Wilson didn’t have very many supporters left when he was sent into what we at SportsRantz call the “Ring of Fire” on “Slicks and Sticks”. But who may have been his biggest supporter? Phil Kessel


After Kessel’s first practice with new bench boss Randy Carlyle,Kessel took the time to publicly defend Wilson. “It’s not his fault we were losing games,” Kessel said. “We just weren’t doing the little things to win games. When you’re down 2-0 to start games and you lose by one goal, and stuff like that, it’s not his fault. It’s not his fault we went on that skid. It’s the players. We play the game out there and we didn’t get it done.”


Kessel went onto speak about the support Wilson gave him and mentioned several times that he liked his former coach. It sounds like this transition might be rough for Kessel, especially seeing as Carlyle might be looking for the star forward to do more defensively, even if it negatively affects Kessel’s offensive production.


“I don’t know,” Kessel said about the possibility of Carlyle requiring him to make such an adjustment. “It’s (only) been one day (since Carlyle took over) so we’ll see how it goes for the last 17 games and we’ll figure it out.”


Carlyle thinks that it’s possible for someone to excel offensively in his system while still being responsible without the puck. Carlyle has coached plenty of star players during career years, includingCorey Perry, who scored a league-leading 50 goals last season. But in retrospect, does Phil Kessel have a point when he said that the slump wasn’t all Ron Wilson’s fault? Well, we can debate it until we are blue in the face but the truth is that we will never know now.