Brock Lesnar Signs 1-Year Deal with WWE

According to various reports around the web it appears former MMA fighter and former WWE star Brock Lesnar has inked a 1-year deal with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Reports also indicate that Lesnar is currently in Miami, the site of WrestleMania 28 which takes place tonight, which has rumors swirling about his possible appearance at the event tonight. Lesnar and the WWE have been in talks for over a month about a return. Lesnar would be returning to the WWE roster but on a limited schedule in comparison to his schedule during his first WWE run.

Many speculate who Lesnar will be matching up against during his return. Many people point to a possible setup for a Lesnar/Rock match at WrestleMania 29 next year but also there is widespread speculation that Lesnar could face the Undertaker as well. In fact, Lesnar and Taker have had a few run ins over the years as well as some comments going back and forth.

One of the more public encounters was a few years back at UFC 121 when during a post-match interview at ringside with the Undertaker, Lesnar walked by and they had a brief staredown.

Could this be the setup for the next big Mania match? Could Brock have an impact on Rock/Cena tonight? Could Lesnar lockup with former WWE star (and also rumored to be resigned) Batista? Only time will tell