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Can Cotto really beat Mayweather?



A possible Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight could suffer from a loss.

Another Floyd Mayweather fight, but still the opponent isn’t named Manny Pacquiao.  Oh well, who really expects that fight to happen anyway……I know I’m not one of them.  May 5, Mayweather will put his undefeated record on the line against Miguel Cotto.  This isn’t the fight the world wants to see, but I think it’ll be very exciting nonetheless.  Does Cotto have what it takes to win in the most important fight of his career?  Soon we’ll all find out.

Cotto has only 2 losses on his record, one to Pacquiao and the other was a controversial loss to Antonio Margarito.  Margarito was caught using tampered handwraps in the fight against Shane Mosley directly after the win over Cotto, but because of the damage inflicted on Cotto a rematch was made.  Cotto dominated Margarito and won by TKO in 10 rounds.

Can Cotto use his momentum from his past 3 fights and pull an upset over the loud mouthed “Money” Mayweather?  This is going to be a very big fight and could also put a stop to the much anticipated Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight.  I feel like Cotto matches up well with Mayweather even though he is much quicker than Cotto.  Floyd just has no power to me and I think Cotto can catch him with a few clean shots and change Floyd’s game plan.

Mayweather is known to have a strong chin and is very defensive minded, but a clean shot can slow him down.  That was evident when he was tagged by an old Mosley and was obviously dazed.  If Mosley had been in his prime, he could have easily beaten Mayweather in my opinion, but I’m only one person.  All of the Mayweather fans would disagree as they would about this upcoming fight.  I’m ready to find out what happens, but if you ask me Miguel Cotto has the best chance of any fighter Floyd Mayweather has seen in the past to win.