NBA Playoffs: Hurry up already!

With two weeks left in the NBA season, I’m excited and ready for the playoffs to start.  As it stands right now, if the playoff match-ups stayed the way they are now I think it would possibly be the most exciting first round of the NBA playoffs ever.  I would be great player-to-player match-ups as well as team match-ups with a competitive nature.  Here’s a look at the present playoff picture:

Eastern Conference

Western Conference


If you look at it right now you can see that for the most part every series has been competitive except maybe for the Pacers vs Magic series.  That was before the latest drama and extreme downfall of the Magic from 3rd place to 6th place.  Also, the Thunder seem to own the Nuggets as well, but both games the Nuggets were shorthanded.  In both Rockets wins, the Lakers’ Andrew Bynum was ejected so those outcomes could have easily been different.

With about 7-10 games left to be played there is a lot more switching of match-ups that can happen, but for the most part I think it’ll stay somewhere in this range.  The one difference I see is the 76ers missing the playoffs completely as the Bucks are making a push to knock them out.  The Bull vs Bucks series was won by the Bulls 4-0, with the first 3 games not really close at all, but the 4th game was only a two point win and that was after the trade that bought Monta Ellis to Milwaukee.  Therefore, I think that series will be much more competitive in the playoffs, especially with the playoff mindset of the Bucks already just trying to make it.  It also looks as if the Suns may take that 8th spot from the Nuggets as well.  Nash’s play has said he isn’t done yet.

Moral of the story is…..I’m just ready for the NBA season to end and the playoffs to begin.  Also, I must say it has been a joy having my NBA League Pass for the first time ever and still wishing that the NBA had enough respect for their fans and lowering the price in a lockout season, but ehh…..what can I do now?!?

My pick for the championship hasn’t changed from before the season started.  I have the Heat beating the Thunder in 6 games and I will stick to my guns.