SportsRantz Introduces Custom Newsletters Feature

Most of you have noticed and/or utilized the many features our sports blogs offer. Today we are excited to announce the inclusion of a brand new feature to all of your bloggers on SportsRantz.

Meet SendPress, a brand new addition to the SportsRantz Blogging Dashboard. Most of you who already have a blog setup on the site can go right into your Dashboard and find the SendPress tab right in your sidebar menu.

So what does this brand new feature do? Actually a couple of really, really cool things. First and foremost it allows you to design eye-catching HTML Newsletter Emails that you can send to your readers. Even if you are not familiar with HTML at all, this feature is designed to be easy to use for any skill level and requires very little techie knowledge.

It allows people to stay up to date with all of your blog posts via email. So if you have an email list of subscribers to your blog or Social Site on SportsRantz, this feature is perfect for you!

But this feature goes far beyond that. It allows you to track opens, clicks and unsubscribes. It also has an easy to use feature that allows you to add a subscribe button right to your blog page so users can signup for your email list. It looks great on any smart phone of tablet and also has a very nice looking default theme just in case you don’t want to fidget too much with customizing a design. Pretty cool right?

For the rest of this post I am going reference the images on Sarah Gooding’s blog post that goes into further detail about the feature and provides a killer sneak peek

This is the Edit & Style section where you can customize your newsletter template



Here is the section that allows you to manage your subscribers and lists. It also allows you to import and export lists

Here is a preview of the Tracking syste.

Looks great right?!? It’ll get even better in the future when more features are added like¬† autoresponders, advanced reports, list segments, Google analytics tracking, scheduled sending among others.

But be careful when sending newsletters. Make sure you adhere to Spam rules to ensure your emails are not only delivered, but read. Keep in mind (especially if you are starting from scratch) that email subscriptions take time to build. If you have a fun blog, more readers will subscribe over time. Remember that consistency is also key. Regardless if you have 1 subscriber or 100, get in the habit of keeping your subscribers up to date with this feature. Keep in mind that once they subscribe, chances are they will be on the lookout for your newsletter. Also, use discretion, we are all annoyed by spam and nothing will get an unsubscribe quicker than too many emails.

Newsletters are powerful tools to help build a following on your blog, so get creative and bring your blog to the next level!!

I will personally elaborate and share tips and advice in a future edition of SR University