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A Very Special Rantin & Ravin Show on Tuesday!



Jessica Redfield

This Tuesday night, let’s make a positive impact!

One of the reasons I started SportsRantz was because of opportunities such as these. The opportunity to rally sports fans around great causes and positive initiatives that can promote change and be the catalyst for great things. This Tuesday night it is my honor to announce the following guests to “The Rantin & Ravin Show”. Starting at 7pm EST.

Our first guest is the folks from The Jessica Redfield Ghawi Scholarship Fund. The fund was created to provide scholarships for aspiring female sports journalists in honor of the life and dreams of Jessica Ghawi. Jessica’s life was taken far too soon in the Aurora, Colorado shootings on July 20, 2012. This official fund was set up on behalf of the celebration of Jessica’s life and aspirations by the Ghawi and Phillips family.


Missy Deyo

Our second guest is someone you may have heard cohosting on the SportsRantz Radio airwaves, Missy Deyo. Missy has an incredible initiative that we are proud to support called “The So So Much Hope Campaign” which is encouraging people to donate blood and sign their organ donor card. Please read her story here . Missy is a friend of SportsRantz and someone who has been one of my favorite people to tweet with. She is also a major part of one of our radio shows, BabesDigBalls, a brand she is the proud co-owner of.

So this Tuesday night help us rally sports fans to promote two amazing causes that can really make a difference. As sports fans, we are passionate and loyal. Together we can promote positive change and help amazing causes such as these.

Please tune in, show your support to both causes and help us spread the word by not only sharing this article, but following both causes on Twitter ( Missy’s TwitterJRG Foundation Twitter) sharing their causes with friends and also letting people know about Tuesday’s show so that more people can get involved!

Tuesday night, 7pm EST right here on the Rantin & Ravin Show.

Here is all the information on the Jessica Redfield Ghawi Scholarship Fund and how you can get involved – Click Here

Here is all the information on Missy Deyo‘s amazing campaign and how you can show your support – Click Here

Here is a great video on the Missy’s story – Click Here

Now let’s give back and make some positive change!



– Anthony DiMoro

Anthony DiMoro is the creator of Sports Rants and the CEO of Elite Rank Media. He is a former Contributor for Forbes and the Huffington Post where he covered sports, social media, and SEO. Anthony formerly hosted the 'Forbes SportsMoney Podcast'.