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SportsRantz Radio Gets Fit with MizzFit Bianca Jade – Brand NEW Show in February



As the new year picks up more steam it is certainly an exciting time at SportsRantz. Since New Year’s Day in 2012 we have actively expanded our overall exposure in online radio with a lineup that is packed with unique perspectives and impressive talent. The addition of new shows over the past several months has continued to strengthen the brand of SportsRantz Radio. Incorporating new talent and introducing our audience to brands via our airwaves has been a staple of the past 12 months. Something we are continuing to build upon in 2013.

I am very excited to announce a brand new show to the SportsRantz Radio lineup, debuting the first Sunday of February. Bianca Jade, a well-known, respected and popular fitness trend expert is bringing her brand, MizzFit, to SportsRantz Radio starting in February. You may know Bianca from her numerous appearances on TV shows like CBS’ “The Couch” (Video 1 and Video 2 ) and from her video with Jillian Michaels:


Here is what Bianca Jade had to say about the new show:

“I created MizzFIT as a destination for women who want to feel strong inside and out. And when I say strong, I don’t just mean physically strong and rock hard. I mean EMPOWERED. I created MizzFIT as a place for women to find great options to kickstart an incredibly fun fitness lifestyle. But we don’t just cover workouts on We cover what’s in style and trending in fitness–from the hottest sportswear to up and coming fitness fashion designers to fitness instructors you have to workout TO amazing equipment that you can use at home to get in shape TO your favorites celebrities and their favorite tips for maintain a great physique. MizzFIT is a fantastic resource for all kinds of women looking to lead a healthy lifestyle

Fans can expect great conversation on a range of fitness topics that matter most to women. We’ll get up close and personal about fitness and health issues that people may be shy about or even sensitive about. We’ll bring it all to light and make sure the end result is that women develop a closer relationship to fitness and feel less intimidated about trying new things related to improving their physical and, of course, mental health.

I’m so thrilled to join the SportsRantz team because it’s a community of commentators who all love ACTION and SPORT. I think sometimes people forget about fitness when it comes to sport and not enough people consider the fashion element that goes along with both fitness and sport. The MizzFIT radio show will introduce listeners to the world of fitness trends and get their opinions on them. I think this show will add diversity to the lineup and hopefully get people talking about health in a non-boring way” – Bianca Jade (MizzFit)


This will bring SportsRantz Radio into the realm of fitness, something I cam very passionate about. Bianca is a very recognizable and respected fitness expert with a track record that speaks for itself. She’s inspirational, fun and will bring a ton of positive energy to our airwaves. Teaming up with her brand will help us collectively create something unique and innovative for the fitness industry and for the online radio airwaves!

Sports fans, Fitness fans, health nuts and everyone in between can tune into the show starting February. Stay tuned for more details on broadcast time.

In the meantime make sure to visit and follow Bianca Jade on Twitter and on Facebook



– Anthony DiMoro







Anthony DiMoro is the creator of Sports Rants and the CEO of Elite Rank Media. He is a former Contributor for Forbes and the Huffington Post where he covered sports, social media, and SEO. Anthony formerly hosted the 'Forbes SportsMoney Podcast'.