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SportsRantz Radio Introduces “Told You So” – A New Show, A Must Listen



I’m thrilled to announce this particular show as a new addition to our radio lineup. Specifically because I get to team up with a friend of mine, someone I respect dearly, Missy Deyo. With February on the horizon I am very proud to announce the debut of “Told You So“, a brand new show on SportsRantz Radio starring Missy Deyo, Erica Wallace and Blaire MacPhail.

Told You So debuts this Thursday, January 24th 2013, at 7pmEST on SportsRantz Radio here. The show will be every Thursday from 7-9pm EST right before The Bottom Line airs!


Here is Missy to give you a preview of what to expect from the show:

“Expect the unexpected! It’s certainly going to grow as we continue and we look forward to feedback from our listeners. Essentially, we’re going to cover a wide variety of topics from news headlines to sports to a little tinsel town gossip. It sounds conventional, but we are three extremely unconventional people with vastly different personalities.

We aren’t afraid to call it like we see it, and we intend to. We’re also going to cover dating and relationships, all the things men want to know and ladies need to hear, with the opportunity for our listeners to call in to vent and ask questions. Occasionally we may even have various celebs and Twitter stars joining us for what we like to call “radio speed dating” and rapid-fire interviews. You won’t want to miss it!

We go way back… WAY! The most well-known is Missy Deyo. Missy created Sports Babe of the Day, a website about male & female babes in sports, in December 2011. She joined it up with another sports website and has since left to pursue her career in media and hockey as well as write her novel and of course, to start Told You So! She’s 25, single and loves to mingle. She can (and will) talk your ear off about hockey, aliens, government conspiracies and rock and roll but is a fan of pretty dresses and falls in love with almost everyone she meets!
Erica Wallace is the neutral third party. She’s a comedic genius, although she will often leave a situation without saying much and just tweet funny things about it later. She’s also 25 and single, but rarely mingles, because her life is consumed by her work as a Dairy Farmer. Yes, that’s right, she is a dairy farmer. She has helped in more cow births than she has gone on dates, and that’s part of why here life appears to be one long, unending comedy. She never really gets into trouble, but is always encouraging Missy to get into trouble. She did graduate from legal assistant and massage therapy programs but lives to tug utters anyway!
Blaire MacPhail is the bubblegum personality of the group. She’s an unapologetic One Directioner and may or may not have an NSync keepsake box in her bedroom. Blaire is due to be wed this coming June to a man who was her polar opposite in high school (the nailpolish wearing emo music-loving type) but they truly make a perfect couple. She generally playfully chastises Missy for her serial dating habits and constantly tries to drag Erica from the farm. Blaire WILL call you out on your shiznit, boldly and blatantly…she will shank you emotionally if she thinks you need it – but that is why we love her.
Missy and Blaire first met when they were nine years old. Blaire was wearing a swimming suit because it was hot, and Missy thought she’d made a filthy rich new friend who had a swimming pool in her house. She was very disappointed to find out Blaire was a commoner like herself, but the duo remained friends anyway. They later met Erica on the first day of 9th grade in Drama class, where they all had to memorize each other’s names by saying a fruit with the same first initial as their first names as their last name. Missy and Blaire appreciated Erica’s comical attitude, and so a trio was formed. Thus they became eternally known as Missy Mandarin, Erica Eggplant and Blaire Banana.
It feels AWESOME to be joining the SportsRantz Radio family – and it truly is a family. Missy and Anthony, the creator of SportsRantz, became friends last summer, and the two have been looking forward to working together ever since. SportsRantz is such a well recognized brand and social media outlet that it’s just incredible to know there are already so many people who love it. We look forward to bring our existing friends, fans and followers to SportsRantz and to meet a lot of new ones as well! We hope you love us! If not, we shall be forced to bake you cookies and win you over. No? Not working? How about hypnosis? LOVE US DAMMIT”
Three gals with incredible personalities and a sense of humor? The possibility of cookies?!? You would be crazy to do anything else with your Thursday nights than to tune into #ToldYouSo . Let’s get that trending!!
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– Anthony DiMoro

Anthony DiMoro is the creator of Sports Rants and the CEO of Elite Rank Media. He is a former Contributor for Forbes and the Huffington Post where he covered sports, social media, and SEO. Anthony formerly hosted the 'Forbes SportsMoney Podcast'.