SportsRantz Radio Welcomes Siren 1363 to the Lineup

2013 is a big year for SportsRantz thus far and we continue to strive to do some incredible things as the year rolls on. Growing our radio station is always a top priority and we are looking to further expand our current lineup of shows. It’s a key goal for us to improve our sports radio station each and every day.


With that being said I am pleased to announce the latest addition to our radio lineup, “Siren 1363 Radio Show” which will be following “Friday Night Rant Zone” on our Friday night lineup. The show will kickoff at 8pm EST and is debuting within the next few weeks. Hockey fans rejoice!

The host will be blogger Amy Gist and we are excited to welcome her to the SportsRantz Radio family.

“Siren 1363 was started in January 2012 by Amy Gist as a blog spot for Gongshow Gear Hockey. Amy stills blogs under Siren 1363 for Gongshow but it is also now her personal web domain and associated with most of her written content. The addition of a radio show to the Siren 1363 brand is a great opportunity for expansion of Amy’s little hockey haven for die hard fans

Tuning into Siren 1363 Radio Show will be an interactive hockey experience. Focusing not just on scores and updates we’ll be talking about charitable causes around the hockey world, controversial hits and fights, players from leagues other than the NHL, as well as some great surprise guests from hockey players to trainers and coaches! A weekly re-cap of everything Amy has published will also be part of the show! Listeners are encouraged to call in and join the discussion, ask questions, and get involved with the Siren herself (Amy) on the air

It is an incredible honor to be joining SportsRantz Radio and a huge step forward for the brand that is Siren 1363. The opportunity to reach out to an audience that might not have time to read all of the written material put out on Siren 1363 now has an opportunity to see what the big stories of the week from Amy were! This is an exciting opportunity and will be a great experience for Amy and listeners alike”  – (courtesy of Amy Gist)

February is a month of new shows debuting on SportsRantz Radio, a trend we are striving to continue as we progress further into 2013. Stay tuned and gear up for this great new hockey show on SportsRantz Radio.


– Anthony DiMoro