Borderlands 2 Announced Level Cap Increase and Return of T.K Baha

The folks at Gearbox “get it”. They understand the unwavering demand for their insanely popular game Borderlands 2. The longevity of this games popularity and constant feel of freshness due to scheduled DLC’s and a Level Cap increase have kept the momentum going since the game was initially released in Fall of 2012.

Borderlands fans can rejoice yet again as Gearbox Software announced today at PAX Australia the Borderlands 2 will increase its level cap by 11 to 72 and cheerful blind amputee T.K. Baha returns in two more DLC extensions this fall.

The news will surely excite fans who are more-than-likely still enjoying the latest DLC installment starring Tiny Tina, a DLC which has easily become one of the most popular aspects of the game since it’s release.

Borderlands original T.K. Baha returns in the “Headhunter Pack,” which will deliver a new mission set and a boss fight with Jacques O’Lantern. This could be a spin off of the Halloween-themed Zombie Island of Dr. Ned from Borderlands 1 and a clear indication that we should expect this DLC to arrive close to Halloween this October. It will be interesting how the revive T.K Baha who met a rather unkind end in the original Borderlands. Maybe he returns as a zombie?

Keep in mind this will not be a part of the Season Pass, the season is over!

But another nugget of good news from the brand that keeps on giving.

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