Sniper Elite V2

I had the pleasure of having some free-gaming time on my hands. For gamers, that can be a good thing. I refer to “free-gaming time” as the time directly after completing a game that you find yourself searching for something else to fill your time while you await a new games’ release.

In this case i ventured to the Xbox Marketplace and gave Sniper Elite V2 a try. How can one deny a chance to kill Nazi soldiers?

The storyline is pretty generic. You’re a gritty elite sniper who has a ton of mission objectives. Pretty straightforward and the game doesn’t steer far from the generic war-time shooter. You spend most of your time holding off hordes of soldiers and targeting research facilities.

Being a fan of a sniper rifle, in most every game i play, i couldn’t resist the sniper-emphasized gameplay. What makes this game really cool is the X-Ray style kill cam that tracks a shot from your sniper rifle from the moment it leaves your rifle to it’s path through the skull or torso of your target.

A sniper kill with the X-Ray vision

There are enough variations of these kills to keep you entertained for a while.

But the downfall of Sniper Elite V2 is that it gets rather boring and redundant fairly quick. There really aren’t many differentiating scenarios that give you the feel of a deep-layered game. The storyline is generic, the missions are pretty much the same with minor alterations and eventually the kills lose their excitement.

What is frustrating about Sniper Elite V2 is how difficult it can be to utilize any other gun aside from the sniper rifle. Accuracy takes a substantial dip while opposing soldiers accuracy remains pinpoint throughout the game.

The navigation is a bit irritating too. You can easily get lost in a research facility and it can be hard to decipher where exactly you should be going. While this works in some games to make things more challenging, it only further frustrates a gamer in this scenario.

If you’re looking to pass some time between games, Sniper Elite V2 is certainly a viable option. Personally i found it to get boring rather quick. But it’s a good “fluff” game and certainly worth a play.

Besides, like i said, who can resist the urge to shoot Nazi’s in a sniper-emphasized game?