SportsRants Madden 25 Online League

SportsRants Madden 25 Online League


SportsRants is looking to start an Online League on the upcoming edition of Madden 25 for XBox 360. Games will be played once a week. The winner of the Super Bowl will receive a trophy from and a page on our gaming section that will acknowledge the league and the winner.


– Must be 17 years of age or older

– Must be a member of

– Must be able to commit to one game per week (we are thinking Wednesday’s)

– Must have an Xbox360


We are hoping to have a person take over each team in the NFL and manage that team throughout the year.

For now, we are gauging interest in participation. So if you are interested, simply email with Madden 25 in the header and also mention the team you would like to take over.

The teams below are already taken:

Miami Dolphins

Buffalo Bills


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