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NCAA Football

Noah Taylor Is A Brooklyn Born, Maryland Made Linebacker



Noah Taylor started playing football when he was 10 years old. He had a background in soccer as well and never really wanted to play football but his mom put him on a team and he grew to love the sport.

His mom is all he has. He is motivated to play football to make his mom happy. It was tough for him to not have his dad in the picture when the family made the move from Brooklyn, New York to Gaithersburg, Maryland. That is where Noah Taylor currently attends and plays football for Avalon High School.

“My dad left at a young age and then with [my mom], we never really had any money. I know that by me getting to the NFL or even if I play college ball, I can help her out [with] whatever,” he said.

Taylor is now a junior at Avalon with scholarship offers from Pittsburgh and the University of Virginia. He currently has high interest in Penn State, Maryland, Duke, and Temple. He said he will make his commitment decision on May 14, 2017, to honor his mother on Mother’s Day.

The six-foot-four, 190 pound, outside linebacker recorded 62 tackles, 14 sacks, four forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries and three interceptions for the Black Knights in 2015 who were 5-6 last season.


Taylor’s junior year was when he realized he was a good football player which was his second year playing varsity football.

“I think my best ability is to pass rush because I’m quick off the edge and most tackles can’t stop that,” he said about where he’s most effective on the field. He did say also that he needs to work on stopping the run and he tries to model his game after Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Julius Peppers.

“Probably Julius Peppers. He can do everything. He can cover, he can pass rush, stop the run, that’s what I think I can do too. He’s not really that big and neither am I, [he’s] just tall.”

Taylor likes pass rushing because there are so many moves one can do to get by blockers to get to the quarterback. His mentality when he goes on the field is he’s the best and there is nobody better than him.

In his junior year, he wants to build with his team and have fun.

“Most people from Avalon are poor. We all come and we play football. When we’re on the field, it’s just about football so I’ll just miss the heart that everyone has…Everyone has one goal and that’s just to make it.”