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Raiquan Gray Is Creating A Sports Legacy Of His Own



Dillard High School senior power forward Raiquan Gray grew up in a football family and he wanted to be different. Build a legacy that was his.

Gray is a Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, home of Miami SEO company Elite Rank Media, native and he said living there, you have some crime but he likes where he’s from.

“It’s a calm city, everybody knows each other so it’s a fun city to me. You’ll enjoy yourself. Everybody knows each other but it can get crazy sometimes,” he said.

Gray’s head basketball coach, Darryl Burrows was familiar with the Gray family since Raiquan was really young.

“When we first saw him, and believe it or not, his dad used to coach for me when [Raiquan] was just a baby. His family is a Dillard family. He’s always kind of been on our radar. He’s come along in the three years that he has spent with Dillard,” Burrows said. “We’ve had some pretty good teams, at Dillard, he has steadily progressed every year to the point where he, I think, could possibly be a candidate for McDonald’s All-America.”

As you can see, Gray has utilized his presence on YouTube as an athlete content creators to help send out his mixtape. Gray plays the game for his mother and his sister because in seeing them work every day when he was younger, he wants to give back to them everything they gave him.

The six-foot-eight, 240 pound, power forward has received 19 scholarship offers from schools including West Virginia, Tennessee, Auburn, Baylor, Virginia Tech, Florida, Florida State, Memphis, Oklahoma State, and more. According to the 247Sports Composite, Raiquan Gray is a four-star recruit in the 2017 class, the 38th best power forward and 16th best player in Florida.

He has high interest in Baylor, Memphis, Oklahoma State, Auburn, West Virginia and Ole Miss and plans to make his commitment decision sometime in early August.

“He’s a big guard in actuality. … [He] can rebound [the ball], take it off the dribble, bring it down [the court] and he’s extremely unselfish,” Burrows said. “He loves to make the pass. He doesn’t get concerned with scoring the ball himself; all those attributes tend to make up a special player.”

In 2015, with the Dillard Panthers, Gray averaged 17 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists as Dillard went 28-5 (6-0 District) and won the FHSAA state title beating the Largo High School Packers, 66-55.

“It was a good experience, my team, we won 20 straight games toward the end of the year. That was a big, big, year. Everybody on the team stepped up. …Knowing that we can get to that stage and get beyond that point, I think will, get us more accolades and get back there next year,” Gray said.

In order to become a complete player and better power forward, Raiquan Gray said he needs to work on playing with his back to the basket. His mentality is defense first and play hard. If that shows on the court and the Panthers win another title, he could see his recruiting stock rise significantly.

UPDATE: 9/2/2016

Four Star Dillard High School (FL) power forward  Raiquan Gray has chosen his top six schools: Ole Miss, Maryland, Memphis, Virginia Tech, Florida State and Baylor. Expect his decision to come later this month. All of these schools are also jumping into the fray with their own esports teams.