Titanfall 2 Hinting At Multi-Player And Network Overhaul

In anticipation of ‘Titanfall 2’, Respawn Entertainment has announced a new video series for called “Inside Development” which will be a video series where developers speak directly to fans about the design decisions and the reasons behind those decisions.

“This isn’t anything other than actual game developers telling you how we’re doing our job,” Producer Drew McCoy said. “We learned a lot during Titanfall 1; there’s a lot of experience gained there, a lot of lessons learned, and we’ve been rolling a lot of that into Titanfall 2.”

McCoy spoke about the goal to improve the servers, aiming to handle them better than they did in the original ‘Titanfall. McCoy also eluded to improving the multi-players gameplay in the next edition of the series.

“We’re changing a lot of our matchmaking systems so you can find better games quicker,” he said. “We’ve added this awesome new thing called Networks that lets you make groups of friends and play together a lot easier.”