Giants Defense Shows Out Against Saints In Week 2 Win

Every game for the New York Giants early on in the season is important, and they are getting the job done. Yesterday they played a tough defensive style game against the New Orleans Saints. This game could have gone either way for the Giants, but great play on defense saved the game for them.

During their offensive drives down the field the Giants made several mistakes which lead to 3 and outs and punts. Another thing that hurt the Giants on offense are the turnovers that the Saints caused on defense. Those forced fumbles could have turned the game around for the Saints, but the Giants defense answered back.

Yesterday the Giants offense had several opportunities to put points on the board but could not get a touchdown. The only touchdown scored for the Giants was on a blocked kick returned by Janoris Jenkins for 65 yards.

The Giants have offensive fire power and throughout the season they will display that. The way Sterling Shepard is starting show that he is a great player is a good sign for the Giants season. Shepard would lead all receivers in receiving yards with 117. When he gets separation he can be dangerous especially in the middle of the field.

The Giants could not get anything going on the ground against the Saints. They would only rush for a total of 64 yards. The Giants running combination now is not the same as it once was with Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw, but they could be as dangerous in time.

Rashad Jennings has the ability to pound through a defensive line and pick up big yards. Shane Vereen has the speed to get around the edge and pick up first downs. The entire offense will begin to feed off of each other and that will pose a problem for their competition.

Most of the Giants offense came from kicker Josh Brown. Out of his 4 kick attempts he made 3 of them along with an extra point after the Jenkins touchdown. His ten points made a big different in that game. The game was also on his shoulders during the last kick to take the lead as time expired.

He played a very important role in this game coming off of his one game suspension. Last week the Giants went with Randy Bullock as their kicker and he went 2 for 3 in extra point attempts. Bullock was cut from the team after week 1.

The Giants still have a few adjustments to make so that they can prevent big plays on defense. They have been doing a great job through the first two games and will try to continue that trend. Next week they will be matching up against the Washington Redskins one of their division rivals.

This will be another test for the defense because the Redskins have great receivers in Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson. The Giants will be able to show that they are a threat this season if they can get a win on Sunday.

Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. will battle it out, but there are two other receivers that Norman will have to cover throughout the game in Victor Cruz and Shepard. This will be a statement game for both teams. It is early in the season and every game is not a must win, but this game is a must win for the Giants.