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NFL Weekly Review: Week 3



Houston Texans 0 at New England Patriots 27

Offensively: There wasn’t great QB play in this game with Brock Osweiler throwing for 196 yards, no TDs & 1 interception. Jacoby Brissett made his 1st career start & threw for 103 yards & also had 48 rushing yards & a touchdown. LeGarrette Blount had another impressive week with 105 yards rushing & 2 TDs.

Defensively: The Texans were supposed to be the better defense in this game but were extremely outplayed. The Patriots defense had 1 interception which came off a horrid throw by Osweiler who threw into double coverage. Patriots also came away with 2 fumble recoveries on special teams.

Biggest Takeaway: The Patriots even with their 3rd string quarterback looked like the best team in the NFL. The Texans looked bad especially Osweiler.

Arizona Cardinals 18 at Buffalo Bills 33

Offensively: This was another game with pretty underwhelming QB play with Carson Palmer having 287 yards, no TDs, & 4 INTs while Tyrod Taylor had 119 yards & 1 int. LeSean McCoy had a good day running on a tough Cardinals defense rushing for 110 yards & 2 TDs.

Defensively: The Bills defense looked like the better defense like EVERYONE expected (no one did). The Bills had 4 interceptions on the day off a horrific day for Palmer. The Bills defense just seemed to stop everything the Cardinals were trying to do through the air.

Biggest Takeaway: The Cardinals looked awful for a team heavily picked to make the Super Bowl. I know it’s only week 3 so Cardinals still have a chance to turn it around but we’ll see.

Oakland Raiders 17 at Tennessee Titans 10

Offensively: Derek Carr played pretty well this week again having 249 yards, 1 TD, & 1 interception. Marcus Mariota again had another game where he struggled throwing for 214 yards & 2 interceptions which gave Mariota the worst QB rating this week with a 2.9. Demarco Murray had a good game despite the Titans losing with 114 yards & 1 TD.

Defensively: The Raiders were able to get 2 interceptions off of Mariota while the Titans picked off Carr once. The Raiders also recovered a fumble off of Mariota. The Raiders only had 1 sack all game but were pressuring Mariota all day.

Biggest Takeaway: The Raiders are 2-1 & their defense looked better this week against a weak Titans offense.

Cleveland Browns 24 at Miami Dolphins 30

Offensively: The QB play was sub par with rookie Cody Kessler throwing for 244 yards while Ryan Tannehill threw for 319 yards, 2 TDs & 1 interception. Terrelle Pryor had an unusual day throwing for 35 yards, rushing for 21 yards & a TD, & 8 catches for 144 yards.

Defensively: Neither defense could stop the other’s running game with Browns rushing for 169 yards on 32 carries while the Dolphins had 115 yards on 25 carries. The Browns defense had 2 interceptions off of Tannehill one being a pick six in the 2nd quarter.

Biggest Takeaway: Both these teams seemed like they were making plays to lose the game but the Browns find ways to lose by missing a 46 yard field goal at the end of the 4th before losing in overtime.

Baltimore Ravens 19 at Jacksonville Jaguars 17

Offensively: Yet again the QBs were very “meh” in this game. Joe Flacco threw for 214 yards, no TDs & 2 interceptions while Blake Bortles struggled again with 194 yards, 2 TDs & 3 INTs.

Defensively: The Jaguars had 2 interceptions off of Flacco on the day. The Ravens on the other hand had 3 interceptions off Bortles who looks like he did as a rookie so far this year.

Biggest Takeaway: I thought Jaguars were going to be a much improved team this year but have disappointed by starting 0-3 which is not good for them on their quest for making the playoffs. Ravens on the other hand are 1 of the 5 undefeated teams left.

Detroit Lions 27 at Green Bay Packers 34

Offensively: This might’ve been the best QB match up in week 3. Matthew Stafford led a great comeback with Packers being up 31-3 by throwing for 385 yards, 3 TDs & 1 interception. Aaron Rodgers did his best Jim Mora impression by telling the media “you don’t know what’s going on” after the loss to the Viking on Monday night. But Rodgers responded with a great game throwing for 205 yards & 4 TDs leading the Packers to a victory.

Defensively: There wasn’t much defense in this game but the lone turnover came off an interception of Stafford that Damarious Randall of the Packers made. Stafford was also sacked 3 times by a Packers defense that was without Clay Matthews.

Biggest Takeaway: The Packers offense shut up all of the media (for now) with an impressive showing. But for now Packers fans can R-E-L-A-X.

Denver Broncos 29 at Cincinnati Bengals 17

Offensively: Trevor Siemian really impressed me in this game with 312 yards & 4 TDs against a tough Bengals defense. Unfortunately for Andy Dalton he had to play against the best defense in the NFL which resulted in him only throwing for 206 yards & 1 interception. Jeremy Hill had a great game for the Bengals though rushing for 97 yards & 2 TDs.

Defensively: The Bengals defense could not stop the air attack of the Broncos allowing 2 100 yard receivers (Emmanuel Sanders, Demaryius Thomas) after allowing only 39 yards the previous week to Antonio Brown. The Denver defense still had a great pass rush even without DeMarcus Ware sacking Dalton four times (Shane Ray 3, Von Miller 1).

Biggest Takeaway: This was the first week Trevor Siemian has shown he might be more than just a game manager & if he is more than a game manager this Broncos team can be even more dangerous.

Minnesota Vikings 22 at Carolina Panthers 10

Offensively: Sam Bradford outplayed another QB he’s played this week now beating Cam Newton throwing for 171 yards & 1 touchdown. Newton on the other hand struggled to get anything going all game throwing for 263 yards & 3 interceptions.

Defensively: The Vikings defense just created havoc for the Panthers offense all game intercepting Newton 3 times. The Vikings also sacked Newton 8 times with 3 of them coming from Everson Griffen. Vikings did a very good job shutting down Kelvin Benjamin who was targeted only once & had 0 catches.

Biggest Takeaway: This Vikings team seems like a legit 3-0 team the way they’re playing on both sides & the way they made the Panthers look so bad is very impressive.

Washington Redskins 29 at New York Giants 27

Offensively: Kirk Cousins finally showed some improvement from the first 2 weeks of the season throwing for 296 yards & 2 TDs. Eli Manning would’ve had a nice game minus the 2 crucial interceptions he threw. Odell Beckham Jr. did not take Eli’s interceptions lightly by trying to pick a fight with the kicking net while being frustrated.  Kicking net 1 Odell 0.

Defensively: The Redskins defense did a pretty good slowing down the Giants passing game by not allowing the big play. Redskins biggest play allowed all day was a 37 yard pass to Victor Cruz. Josh Norman did a good job preventing Odell Beckham Jr. from getting into the endzone even though he allowed 7 catches for 107 yards while covering Beckham.

Biggest Takeaway: This game was very reminiscent of last year’s Giants team that just found ways to lose late in games & if they revert back to that team they’ll be missing the playoffs again.

Los Angeles Rams 37 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 32

Offensively: Jameis Winston played well in this game throwing for 405 yards, 3 TDs & 1 interception. Case Keenum played good enough to win with 190 yards, 2 TDs & 1 interception. Mike Evans had a big day catching 10 passes for 132 yards & 1 touchdown.

Defensively: There wasn’t much defense to be played in this game especially in the passing game. The Rams however did do a good job to stop the Bucs running game to 83 yards on 22 carries for 3.8 yards per carry average.

Biggest Takeaway: The Rams after getting shutout in week 1 on Monday Night Football 28-0 have won 2 straight games to take the lead of the NFC West at 2-1 despite the poor QB play.

San Francisco 49ers 18 at Seattle Seahawks 37

Offensively: Blaine Gabbert finally came back down to earth having a typical Gabbert day with 119 yards & 1 interception. Russell Wilson looked better this week until injuring his knee throwing for 243 yards & 1 touchdown. Christine Michael had a good day running for 106 yards & 2 TDs. Doug Baldwin also made an impressive diving catch for 12 yards.

Defensively: The Seahawks defense is still a defense that shouldn’t be taken lightly. They forced 1 turnover on the day coming off an interception by Bobby Wagner. Neither defense could stop the run with 49ers rushing for 135 yards on 31 carries while the Seahawks had 127 on 31 carries.

Biggest Takeaway: Although the Seahawks have started 2-1 they have failed to protect Russell Wilson with Wilson getting injured again against the 49ers he’ll go into week 4 against a tough pass rush of the Jets.

New York Jets 3 at Kansas City Chiefs 24

Offensively: Ryan Fitzpatrick looked like he was throwing blindfolded all game throwing for 188 yards & 6 interceptions. Alex Smith on the other side played well enough to win with 237 yards & 1 touchdown.

Defensively: The Chiefs defense were given gifts left & right in this game since Fitzpatrick turned into Oprah saying “You get an interception, you get an interception, you get an interception, etc.” The Chiefs also recovered 2 fumbles to force a total of 8 turnovers in the game.

Biggest Takeaway: Ryan Fitzpatrick is usually good at protecting the ball but threw 6 interceptions in this game which has led to the Jets starting the season at 1-2.

San Diego Chargers 22 at Indianapolis Colts 26

Offensively: Both QBs played a pretty good with Philip Rivers throwing for 330 yards & Andrew Luck threw for 331 yards, 1 TD & 1 interception. T.Y Hilton had his first good game this year with 8 catches for 174 yards & 1 TD which was the touchdown that won the game late in the 4th quarter.

Defensively: The Colts defense did a good job stopping the Chargers from running the ball only allowing 37 yards on 17 carries. The Colts defense also forced 3 fumbles that they recovered while the Chargers had 2 turnovers forced on Luck (1 interception, 1 fumble).

Biggest Takeaway: This was a must win for the Colts who had to avoid starting 0-3 & did so with a late 63 yard touchdown catch & run by T.Y Hilton.

Pittsburgh Steelers 3 at Philadelphia Eagles 34

Offensively: Ben Roethlisberger struggled in this game with 257 yards & 1 interception. Carson Wentz looked great again with 301 yards & 2 TDs. Eagles were also able to get a running game going with 125 yards on 30 carries & 2 TDs.

Defensively: The Eagles were by far the better defense this game sacking Roethlisberger 4 times & forcing 2 turnovers as well (1 interception, 1 fumble). Eagles also shut down the Steelers running game allowing only 29 yards on 10 carries.

Biggest Takeaway: This was by far the weirdest game this week. The Steelers took a big hit with this loss after being deemed one of the best AFC teams early on. Steelers will be getting LeVeon Bell back in week 4 against the Chiefs so they should be improved. Eagles are also 1 of the 5 undefeated teams left.

Chicago Bears 17 at Dallas Cowboys 31

Offensively: Both QBs played well in this game. Brian Hoyer made his 1st start as a Bear with Jay Cutler being out throwing for 317 yards & 2 TDs. Dak Prescott looked impressive for another week with 248 yards & 1 touchdown which gave him a 99.1 QB rating which was the best in the NFL in week 3. Ezekiel Elliott also had his best game with 140 yards rushing.

Defensively: The Cowboys forced 2 fumbles that they recovered while the Bears also forced a fumble that they were able to obtain. Neither team could get to the other’s QB with a total of 0 sacks in this game.

Biggest Takeaway: Rookies Dak Prescott & Ezekiel Elliott continue to look promising leading the Cowboys to a 2-1 start.

Atlanta Falcons 45 at New Orleans Saints 32

Offensively: This game was a shootout like everyone expected (this time I’m not being sarcastic) with both QBs playing well. Matt Ryan threw for 240 yards & 2 TDs while Drew Brees had 376 yards, 3 TDs & 1 interception. Devonta Freeman had a great game rushing for 152 yards on 14 carries while also throwing a “Beast Mode” type stiff arm early in this game.

Defensively: There wasn’t much defense played in this game with 2 bad defenses playing. The biggest play by the Falcons was a 90 yard interception for a TD by Deion Jones in the 4th quarter.

Biggest Takeaway: The Saints offense led by Drew Brees can put up points with any team but with the terrible defense they have with injuries & average talent is why they are 0-3.

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