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Redskins Are A Big Disappointment, So Far



What can I say? I am at a loss to describe what the issues are in DC and the Redskins. I’m obviously not the one getting paid to find the solution, but I know at least last year everyone could see that Kirk Cousins faced more blitzes each week as a new starting QB than most other 4-year QBs. But last year, Captain Kirk had the answers.

This year defenses seem to realize blitzing Cousins is the wrong thing to do as he is having issues facing a fully-manned defensive backfield. Last year, halfway through the season, Cousins learned how to light defenses up when they blitzed. This year, defenses are dropping seven into coverage making it hard for the Redskins QB to find an open man. Often, Cousins has been trying to squeeze that ball into very tight spots. So far, Kirk has been getting burned. He will figure it out, though.

According to ESPN, Kirk has thrown three interceptions on 74 attempts when defenses dropped at least seven into coverage. What’s Kirk’s problem? It’s not the offensive line this season. The Redskins offensive line has only allowed pressure 14 percent of Kirk’s dropbacks through week 2—89 total attempts.

ESPN said the Redskins lead the league in pass protection this season having controlled the line of scrimmage 57 percent of the dropbacks this season. Despite this control, Kirk is having his usual early season hiccups.

According to the Redskins coach, Jay Gruden, we shouldn’t panic just yet. And to be truthful, Kirk is not the only thing the Redskins are having trouble with. As what seems to have become the norm around the league except for a mighty few, defense has become a thing of yesteryear.

Oh, Manley, Manley, wherefore art thou? You know, as in Dexter Manley and his ilk. He probably needs some money. Re-sign his old a**. He could get at least as much penetration as this current bunch of Redskin defenders. Where is Ryan Kerrigan this year?

And don’t get me started on the cornerback fiasco. What the heck is Redskins Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry thinking, not preparing Josh Norman to float around to the best receiver each play? No one understands why the DBs weren’t coached to do that this year.

Yes, the coaching staff had high hopes for Bashaud Breeland. We all did. But Norman is the $75 million man. He should be able to cover any body at any time. And, when Norman has had the chance to cover the best the offense has to offer, he’s done just fine.

So, to appropriately recap: The Redskins offense is anemic and the defense cannot stop anything. Hopes are being dashed week by week. But in true Redskins fan fashion, we have to believe our mantra “there is always next week, and then next year.”

We, as Redskins fans, seem to be able to sway the Redskins ownership any which way we want to by complaining too much and wanting some heads on platters. If the fandom calls for someone to pay, ownership will likely fire the coach and start all over again. Let’s simmer a bit and let things play out.

paraphrasing the words of a very wise man, and my fantasy QB this year, five letters here for everybody out there in Redskins-land: R-E-L-A-X.

I have been writing professionally for more than 20 years on various topics, including sports. Football is my passion and the Redskins are my favorite team. I will try not to have this favoritism influence my opinions. I hope that this passion translates into my writing as I bring my very opinionated pieces to you via Sports Rants.

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Raiders’ Antonio Brown Settles Lawsuit



New Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown, who was acquired via trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this offseason, has struck a settlement with a man, Ophir Sternberg, that claimed that he nearly killed a toddle by throwing furniture off of a Miami apartment building balcony, according to TMZ.

In the lawsuit, Sternberg claims his 22-month-old son was walking around the pool at the high-end apartment complex back in April 2018 when suddenly “large objects started to fall from the building many floors above them.”

Sternberg claimed that Brown tossed everything from vases, an ottoman, and other pieces of furniture from the balcony and they landed within feet of the toddler.

Brown had denied throwing the items, claiming that it was another person who had access to his apartment on that day.

Police responded to the scene and reported that Brown was “very agitated” and yelling when they arrived, noting that people have been trying to calm Brown down.

The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

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Eagles’ Jalen Mills Arrested



Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Jalen Mills was arrested in Washington D.C following an altercation with Washington Wizards player Devin Robinson, according to the Associated Press’ Howard Fendrich (via the Washington Post).

Both men were charged with disorderly affray, which is described as fighting in a public place.

According to the Washington Post’s Candace Buckner, a verbal altercation broke out between the two that escalated into a physical fight that took place on the sidewalk.

Robinson was transported to a hospital following the fight with Mills and upon his release he was taken to to department’s 2nd District station where Mills was detained.

Mills and Robinson were “involved in a verbal altercation which escalated into a physical altercation on the sidewalk adjacent to the Opera Night Club” in the early hours of Saturday morning, according to the police report.

Both teams have since responded, with the Wizards essentially parting ways with Robinson due to the incident.

“We are aware of the incident this morning involving Devin and are disappointed in his actions. We will not extend him a qualifying offer for the 2019-20 season,” the Wizards said in a statement.

The Eagles issued a statement saying that they are “aware of the situation” and “continuing to gather more information.”

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Mike Tannenbaum Joins ESPN



Following his run as Executive Vice President of Football Operations with the Miami Dolphins, and long-overdue dismissal following a disaster 2018 season, Mike Tannenbaum is joining ESPN, according to the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson.

Tannenbaum will end up being ESPN’s replacement for Bill Polian, who retired from broadcasting to become a co-founder of the Alliance of American Football, which officially ended all operations last week.

Tannenbaum will make appearances on SportsCenter, NFL Live, and other ESPN productions in the build up to the NFL Draft and will also be a part of ESPN’s draft coverage during the 2019 NFL Draft.

At the end of the 2018 season, Tannenbaum was “reassigned” within the Dolphins organization, although no details were provided at the time and no information regarding his re-assignment have been made public since.

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