Breaking Down Raw’s WWE Hell In A Cell

WWE’s Hell In a Cell did not fail to disappoint Sunday night, as the triple main event more than lived up to the hype of having three hell-in-a-cell matches. As expected though, there weren’t many surprises when it came down to the winners of the matches. Here’s my breakdown of the key matches from HIAC.

Rusev v. Roman Reigns (c)

This thrilling, physical rivalry has appeared to come to a fantastic end with Roman Reigns successfully defending his United States Championship against the Bulgarian Brute. Both of these men went back and forth at one another, using the kendo stick to beat each other senseless, launching their bodies into the dreaded steel cage. Just as he had done weeks before, Rusev had Reigns on the steel steps wrapped with a chain around his neck. Rusev had his submission locked in, but Reigns found a way to fight out of it and deliver a spear to retain the title and end the bitter rivalry.

Seth Rollins v. Kevin Owens (c)

The anticipation was built for weeks for this match with the help of Kevin Owens’ so called best friend Chris Jericho. As expected, Jericho found a way to interfere in the match as when the referee went down, Jericho was able to sneak into the cage with a key that he had. From there, the former #1 draft pick for Raw had no chance as it turned into a handicap match that even Seth Rollins’ talent couldn’t handle. While Rollins was able to hit a Pedigree on Jericho, he was unable to do so on Owens, as Owens finished Rollins with a Pop-Up Power Bomb on a steel chair that lead Owens to retain his tainted WWE Universal Championship.

Cesaro and Sheamus v. The New Day (c)

Cesaro and Sheamus were both forced into a less than ideal circumstance, as GM Mick Foley forced these two superstars to become a tag team after a malicious 7 match series that gave both these superstars a championship opportunity. However, their opportunity came as a paring against one of the longest reigning tag team champions in the history of WWE. Cesaro and Sheamus were actually in control for much of this match as the New Day looked like they didn’t know what hit them. However, at the end of the match, Kofi Kingston for the New Day got involved with Sheamus on the outside causing the match to end in a DQ. Given how the match ended, look for a potential rematch down the road.

Charollete v. Sasha Banks (c)

Shockingly enough, this match turned out to be the main event of HIAC. This rivalry has been going for months now and it furthered last night. Both of the entrances were very flashy, given the fact that these two women made history Sunday night, being the first women to ever compete in a HIAC match. But of course, Charlotte was up to her old ways. Before the match, the Queen cheap shotted the Boss, Power Bombing her through an announcers table. Banks looked to be getting carted away on a stretcher before she found out she would have to forfeit her Women’s Cahmpionship if she did not defend her title. Banks refused to let that happen as the match got underway and it was an assault on both sides. Banks put Charlotte through a table, Charlotte beat down Banks with a steel chair. In a night where the Boss was returning to her hometown Boston, the Queen spoiled it as Charlotte hit Banks with Natural Selection to win back the Women’s Championship and silence the stunned Boston crowd.

Raw now turns it’s focus to survivor series that is just now three weeks away that is featuring the return of icon Goldberg to face the beast Brock Lesnar. Raw will set its sites on trying to defeat rival Smackdown Live at the next big PPV event. Catch Raw tonight at 8PM on the USA Network.

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