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Fantasy Football Buy Low/Sell High Players: Week 8



First off I’d like to start by saying if you like or play fantasy football you should download the Fantasy Life app. It’s an app where you can ask questions about your lineup, trades, waiver wire signings, etc.  & it will be answered by other fantasy football players. Now with that out of the way I’d like to start by saying: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I keep seeing people that are 6-1 in their leagues say “Hey should I trade David Johnson for Mike Evans?” or “My team is 5-2 what trades should I make to get better?”. People have a hard time staying pat but sometimes it’s better to not do anything. But if you want to make a trade here’s some guys I believe you can buy low/sell high on.

Buy Low:

Jordy Nelson (WR, Packers): Nelson owners have been freaking out the past few weeks. Against the Chicago Bears in Week 7 the Packers saw 3 of their WRs get 10 receptions while Jordy Nelson was only able to get 1 catch for 9 yards. Nelson in the last 3 games has scored only 23 points (in PPR leagues). I see Nelson ending his struggle this week against the Atlanta Falcons who have an average secondary. With the Packers looking better it’s just a matter of time before Nelson starts being a top fantasy WR again. If you can I’d buy low on him this week because this might be the last week you can get him for pretty cheap. Nelson had scored at least 1 touchdown in each game before the last 2 weeks so I wouldn’t panic if I own Nelson but if you don’t have him see if you can take advantage of a Nelson owner’s recklessness.

Dez Bryant (WR, Cowboys): Dez Bryant looks to finally be back from injury after the Cowboys bye week in Week 7. I don’t know how he’ll look in his first week back against the Eagles on Sunday Night Football but he has a very favorable schedule playing the Browns in Week 9, Steelers in Week 10, Ravens in Week 11, Redskins in Week 12, Buccaneers in Week 15, & the Lions in Week 16. I know the last 2 seasons Bryant has gotten hurt but he’s still one of the best WRs in the NFL. I see some trades like Allen Robinson for Dez Bryant or even Terrelle Pryor which I like Bryant in both.

Doug Martin (RB, Buccaneers): Doug Martin has been dealing with an injury for a few weeks now & was expected to come back after their bye week in Week 6 but he didn’t because he supposedly had a setback. Martin is questionable to return in Week 8 but Martin can be had for pretty cheap right now. I love the upside for Martin coming back especially if you expect to make the fantasy playoffs he has some favorable matchups. The Bucs face the Saints in Week 14, Cowboys in Week 15, Saints again in Week 16 & then finish the season against the Panthers so whenever your playoffs are, Martin looks to have great matchups. If you are getting Martin I’d try getting Jacquizz Rodgers on your team as well to handcuff Martin in case of re-injury.

Alshon Jeffery (WR, Bears): Yes! We may finally have fantasy relevance again with Jeffery again. He might not have much success this week against a tough Vikings secondary but he has favorable matchups going forward. And did I mention Jay Cutler is back? This may not be a good thing in terms of the Bears winning games but this helps Jeffery’s fantasy stock go up because Cutler loves to force feed him no matter the situation. Jeffery can be had for a pretty cheap price at this point in the season especially since he has no touchdowns yet & has yet to eclipse 16 points this year.

Sell High:

Jay Ajayi (RB, Dolphins): Yes, Ajayi has been historic & has looked great the past 2 weeks. He’s ran for 200+ yards the past 2 weeks & doesn’t seem to have anyone taking carries away from him (And with the news of Arian Foster retiring it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon). By the way let me take some time to congratulate Arian Foster on a great 8 year career as an undrafted free agent from Tennessee, I wish the best for him. Alright now back to Ajayi. How long can Ajayi keep this up? I believe he could end up in the top 10-12 RB discussion at the end of the season but I’ve seen some people being able to get a guy like Demarco Murray for Ajayi plus a WR2 or something like that. I don’t think Ajayi’s value will be much higher than it is now so why not try to trade for top 5 or top 10 RBs with him?

C.J Anderson (RB, Broncos): Anderson finally looked back on track in Week 7 against the Texans but guess what? His supposed back up Devontae Booker out touched him 18-16 in this game. Gary Kubiak came into Week 7 saying he believed Booker was in need of getting more touches & Booker made the most of it on Monday Night Football. Some Anderson owners feel like he’s back after having a nice performance but if I owned C.J Anderson I’d be very nervous that Devontae Booker could end up taking the starting job away from him. If I have C.J Anderson I’m shopping him around to see if anyone fell in love with him after his Week 7 performance or at the least I’m making sure Booker is also on my team.

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