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Giants Struggles Loom Large In Loss To Vikings



The New York Giants are looking lost after losing two straight games and they need answers fast. The season just started and they are already at risk of it being another failure. Being at .500 this early in the season is not a good sign for the Giants and their schedule does not get easier.

In the first 2 games of the season they started to get their offense going, but that has declined due to injuries. The Giants defense has not shown that they could get pressure on the quarterback. The pass rush needs to put pressure on the quarterback if they want to win.

The Giants defense is ranked 18th in the NFL in passing yards allowed with an average of 262.2 yards per game. If the defensive line cannot get pressure on the quarterbacks they play, the defense will have long games ahead of them. The defense has trouble getting off of the field and that is contributing to their injuries.

Cornerback Eli Apple is out and his absence is big for the Giants defense because he has the ability to defend big time receivers. The Giants secondary is having trouble staying healthy and that is because they cannot get off the field. The Giants offense needs to start playing better as well.

In three of the four games the Giants have played this season they had less time possessing the ball than their opponent. The Giants won one of those three games, but lost the other two. The offense needs to hold on to the ball. The Giants are losing the time of possession battle due to all of the quick drives they have.

They frequently go three-and-out and put the ball right back into the hands of their opponent. This also happens after their opponent scores and the defense has no time to rest before getting back on the field. The Giants need to move the ball, and gain yards to get first downs.

The Giants had a rough outing against the Minnesota Vikings because they played bad on both sides of the ball. The offense could not get the job done in the first half of the game, and they would only come away with three points.

In the 4th quarter of the game the Giants started to show life by scoring a touchdown making it a 1 possession game at 10-17. Those points would be their last as the Vikings sealed the deal with a rushing touchdown from Jerick McKinnon. After that touchdown there was still over 9 minutes left in the game, but the Giants could not capitalize on that.

Eli Manning did not play his best game and looked confused on offense. He would constantly get mixed up with his running backs on passing plays, and end up throwing the ball at the feet of his running backs. That happened a few times during the game and Manning would waste downs because of his confusion of the play.

Manning was 25/45 for pass completions and had a QBR of 20.3 his lowest of the season. Manning is not using his receivers as much and that is having a bad effect on the team. Odell Beckham Jr. says he “Is not having fun anymore” playing football and that is a bad sign for the Giants as a team. Winning would change the mood of this team, but if they do not get on the same page they are in danger of having another losing season.

Blest Eshareturi is a contributor to Sports Rants. Writer for the MLB, NBA, and NFL sections. Teams that are followed are the New York Giants, New York Yankees, and the Miami Heat. New York City native with a passion for sports.