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Top Prospects The 76ers Should Target In The Draft



Every year, the main message the 76ers organization delivers to it’s fans seems to be to “trust the process.”  This motto has been embraced so much around the team that their new face of the franchise, Joel Embiid, has chosen “the process” as his nickname.  The nickname has seemingly stuck, too, because the team’s PA announcer introduces his as Joel “the process” Embiid during his starting lineup introductions.

While Sixers fans have plenty to be excited about in the future with Embiid and Ben Simmons looking to lead the franchise out of the depths of embarrassment, Sixers fans are growing more and more impatient by the season.  Lucky for them, “the process” might be coming to an end after this season.

The Sixers are looking to attain another top 3 pick in this upcoming draft, and they also own the rights to the Lakers first round pick, which is likely going to be somewhere in the 14-18 range.  Depending on who the Sixers land in the draft, they may be looking at the chance to finalize a young, promising team well on its way to make some noise in the playoffs.

76ers Pick Targets

  1. Lonzo Ball – Lonzo Ball is everything you want in a current-day NBA point guard.  He is tall, athletic, can shoot the three, and is an outstanding passer.

    He currently leads the country in assists, and is already being compared to a more athletic Jason Kidd, and the sky is the limit with his potential.  If the Sixers land Ball, he would give Simmons the ability to play more off the ball and in the post, which was one of his biggest strengths in college.

  2. Markelle Fultz – Fultz is probably the most polished scored at the guard position in the draft, and can light it up in many ways.  He is crafty with the ball and can get to the basket almost at will.  If the Sixers draft him, he would assume a Kyrie Irving-like role on a team where Ben Simmons is likely to play the Lebron James-like point forward role.
  3. Josh Jackson – Josh Jackson is a big time athlete on the wing, and he excels most at getting out in transition and cutting to the basket.  His style of play could fit well with this young Sixers team, as Ben Simmons has shown the ability to lead the fast break and find cutters as well as anybody.

    His jump shot is developing slowly and definitely needs some work, but overall he is an explosive player with huge upside.

Lakers Pick Prospects

  1. Grayson Allen – Allen is an excellent three point shooter on the wing with some sneaky athleticism.  His ability to get to the basket and draw fouls has tormented college defenses these last two years, and that ability will help him translate to the NBA level.

    He needs to get stronger, and his defense could definitely improve, but overall he would be a solid option for the Sixers who are desperate for some wing players capable of scoring the basketball.

  2. Miles Bridges – Bridges is a tremendous athlete at the small forward position who excels at getting in the paint and finishing around the rim.  He has an excellent motor, similar to Josh Jackson, and would fit into the team very well as a slasher who can get out on the fast break.
  3. Dwayne Bacon – Bacon is known as a lights-out scorer who can put the ball in the basket in any way possible.  He is quick, can finish in the paint, and is a very good outside shooter.  This is the kind of player the Sixers are desperately needing.

    One of the few weaknesses in Bacon’s game, however, is that he needs to develop a better understanding of the game and stay in control more often, but those things can be taught at the next level and over time.