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Atlanta Falcons

The Patriots extraordinary success will forever be questioned



New England has achieved the type of glory most franchises can only dream of they are a true dynasty.

But with all the glory they’ve achieved criticism and reasonable doubt have damaged their public image possibly beyond repair. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr may very well be the G.O.A.T but his legacy will always be in question. This is goes deeper than the Bill Belichick- Tom Brady era the franchise had accusations of shady business years prior dating back to 1982.

That year the Pats were matched up in a contest with the Miami Dolphins known as the “Snowplow game.” During the closing moments of the contest the Pats exercised the home field advantage clause and a snowplow appeared and magically cleared one spot of the field. This was the spot John Smith would use moments later to net the game winning field. The great Don Shula famously described the incident as “the most unfair act in NFL history.

Marshall Faulk accused New England of recording Rams walk through leading up to their super bowl matchup. After further investigating it was found there was truth to the allegations the Pats were caught filming division rival New York Jets. It was discovered these recordings had been going on from 2002-2007. Some know this incident as Spy gate.

John Harbaugh’s illegal formation cries didn’t ring as loud but were still noted from that 2015 playoff matchup. The league had to implement a new rule a few years later to ban said formation that allowed Brady and running back Shane Vereen to shred the Ravens D. Fines, suspensions, and cease of draft picks were handed down when the Commish Roger Goodell spanked them for deflating footballs against the Colts.

Even in the most recent Lombardi win Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons is being clouded by talks of foul play and shaky officiating.

The shakiest thing in the contest seemed to be the Falcons play calling neglecting to feed Devonta Freeman. In what could be the greatest Super bowl comeback in history once again the Patriots came out on top. With four championships in a 13 year span the trophies speak for themselves Belichick is a gridiron genius and can fit anyone in his system.

    When the dust settles New England could be remembered as one of the all time greatest Franchises or a program that cheated the league out of five titles.

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