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Cricket Round Up



South Africa vs. New Zealand ODI series

The South Africa and New Zealand series was a thriller because it was 2-2 going into the last game and the final ODI became the deciding factor. The pressure was on for both teams as they didn’t want to lose so this was an interesting final match. South Africa got New Zealand on the back foot from the get go. They got a lot of the NZ batsman out cheaply and a few of the NZ batsman got to double figures but the South African bowlers were too strong.

New Zealand were all out for 149 runs and South Africa had to chase down this score in order to win the series. It was now South Africa’s game to lose as the bowlers had given them the required start, now it was up to the batsman to stand up and deliver. The batsman did deliver Du Plessis’s 51 runs and Miller 49 runs led South Africa to victory and they won the series 3-2.

England vs. West Indies ODI Series

England have been dominating the ODI series they have been in great form, and West Indies are definitely need to go back to the drawing board. This is how the ODI series has shaped up so far, in the first ODI. England scores 296 runs and Morgan was the main man who scored the runs and took the game away from West Indies. West Indies folded for 251 runs giving the game to England.

In the second ODI England once again were leading the charge. West Indies were batting first and scored 224 runs and for England Root and Woakes led the charge and got England over the line. West Indies definitely need to find a way back into this series as England are now leading 2-0 so the 3rd Odi is going to be crucial for West Indies.

Australia vs. India Test series

This Test series, has been a very fiery one to say the least. Australia came and conquered in the first Test match it was a heavy defeat to accept for India. This was where the war of words began and it really was a heated Test match, Australia got the better of India and played very well. Australia had won the match by 333 runs, this was a complete victory for Australia they were jubilant no doubt, but India in their own backyard are not to be underestimated at all.

So in the second Test match India came back stronger, it was another well played Test match on both parts. It was definitely a performance that India will be proud of because they really proved themselves in this game. The second Test match was a thrilling one to see, this is what Test matches are about giving it your all over 5 days. It pushes you to your limits and this where the players are truly tested and get to prove their mettle.

India had won the second Test match, by 75 runs so they have squared the series and now the third Test match awaits.


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