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Is Kaepernick being TRUMP’D by NFL ?



The Former college all American and NFC champion quarterback Colin Kaepernick faced major scrutiny for majority of last year and it’s carried over to 2017.

Never in the history of our great country have we allowed the leader of the free world to cyber bully Reporters, Musicians, and Athletes. Today this is what we’re witnessing President Donald Trump has taken sole credit for Kaepernick’s current state of unemployment, it seems the league has exiled the young star due to fear of Trump’s twitter raft. It’s hard to prove if these claims are legitimate but the bottom line is something is fishy here.

The fact that Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley, and, Mike Glennon all have been signed none of these guys have the abilities or resume to come close to Kaepernick’s body of work.

Kap showed flashes of brilliance last year with a below average 49ers team and at 29 years old he’s still got plenty of football left in him. There are a handful of teams that have contacted the QB’s former coach Jim Harbaugh and he’s still an avid supporter and believes firmly in Kap.

“I think he’s an outstanding player” I think he’s a great competitor who’s proven it in games and has the ability to be not only an NFL starter but a great NFL player.” Harbaugh said on NBC’S “PFT Live”  earlier this week.

This is a player who has seen his position stripped and his character demeaned, it’s shocking to see a guy who gives so much back to the community have this amount of haters. When did we as U.S. citizens begin to knock people that stand up for their believes. Through it all Kap has held his head high and is attempting to just get back to playing football.

Last year a point was made and issues that needed addressing were brought to light through the simple act of taking a knee. President Trump used this act to fuel his campaign in a way, he was able to flip the script and make Kap seem somehow unpatriotic.


Although this is obviously not the sole reason but some voices around the NFL feel the potential backlash from media and fans outweigh Kap’s talent. Teams have grown to timid to sign him although several franchises desperately need an upgrade at QB.

The 2017 draft class isn’t exactly the most talented group of recent years and, in a league where unproven field generals can land millions based on a small sample size there should always be room on a roster for talent of his caliber

Eventually some team will stop fearing the twitter troll known as President Trump and take a shot on Kap. That franchise may face scrutiny but winning heals all and results on the field seem to make people forget about the irrelevant. We’ve seen all kinds of criminal acts committed by players and somehow they were forgiven and allowed to earn a living.

Can we be true Americans and forgive a young man who had the courage to lend his voice to those who aren’t being heard.


I'm a recent college graduate, I received my degree in Mass Communications with a focus in Journalism. I have six years of sports writing and broadcasting experience.