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Nic Johnson Wants To Make Waves And Open Eyes As A Senior Next Fall



Nic Johnson has no scholarship offers but he knows what he can bring to the table for any college football program.

Johnson said his recruiting process has been going slow and it’s stressful for him but that serves as motivation.

“…I feel like it pushes me more to work. You never know what the future holds so I really feel like I deserve to play on a big stage and I’m worth it.”

The 5’11, 163 pound, wide receiver has these schools in his top five: University of Lafayette at Louisiana, University of Texas-San Antonio, Boise State, Maryland, and Kansas.

“The reason I have those schools [on my list] is because I want to play on their stage and I grew up watching those schools. They were dominant at that time and I really like those schools, especially Maryland. Maryland and the University of Lafayette at Louisiana, I would love to go to those two.”

He’s looking National Signing Day 2018 as his commitment date whether it’d be to one of the schools mentioned above or a different school that he has researched thoroughly and feels comfortable committing to.

Looking at his junior highlight film, he clearly has the speed to make plays both on offense and on special teams. He can run go routes down the field and make plays and catch the ball in traffic as well.

“I believe the best part of my game is I want to say my vision and my speed. Even though I have to say that I used to be faster and I’m working on that this offseason to get my speed back but I can say my speed and my vision.”

He said that he needs to work on everything but specifically, his mindset, not trying to do too much on the field, becoming a team leader and eluding defenders on short yardage plays. The latter, he said, he is working more on this off season.

Family and a belief in God aren’t lost on Nic Johnson and he uses both to push him on and off the field.

“As one of God’s loyal servants, He’s going to guide me the whole way through so I just put my faith in him and try to do as much on the field and off the field knowing that I’ll get blessed and have some favor from him,” Johnson said. “My family they’ve been behind me 100 percent of the way. They back me with whatever I do, no matter what it is. They just know that I’ll give it 100 percent so they’re behind me 100 percent.”

Johnson hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana but is currently living and playing high school football in Houston, Texas. He loves Baton Rouge with all of his heart because that’s where his family is and his is trying to make the best of his recruiting process at Wisdom High School in Houston.

“Just the fact that I’m the youngest boy on my mom’s side of the family and that kind of takes a toll on me because I have to do everything sports-wise because they kind of don’t know the whole recruiting process and everything like that. Coming to Wisdom, I had to learn how to be more humble, patient and rely on the team with losing a lot. It kind of takes a lot out of you as a player,” Johnson said about what he has had to overcome.

He played his first year of high school football at Alief Elsik High School in Houston and transferred to Wisdom and has played there up to now. Wisdom’s football program has struggled to have a winning season over the last couple of years and in 2016 went 1-9 (0-8 5A Region III District 24). He is ranked a three-star 2018 wide receiver by Lone Star Prospects and is still pushing to be ranked by the major recruiting services (247Sports, Scout, Rivals).

“When I had first joined football, I played for U-10. One of the first practices, I really didn’t know what I was doing. One of the first practices, my coach [said], ‘hey, what teams did you play with before? What team were you brought up with playing?’ I said no [team] and he was like ‘what?’ I realized at that moment I could play and then in high school, other than my freshman year, my sophomore year I was on Varsity so that really reassured me.”

Nic Johnson’s dad played at Tennessee and was the one responsible for football becoming a part of Nic’s life. He also is a cousin of four-star Lamar High School standout D’Shawn Jamison and Florida State Linebacker Dontavious Jackson.

Off the field, Johnson wants to major in psychology or fashion design because he enjoys fashion and buying clothes and shoes. He collects shoes and takes pride in the time that takes.

Johnson will be playing close attention to student life on the campuses he visits in addition to what classes are like, what the coaches are like and what the football program as a whole has to offer him.

“I feel like I could bring to the university high test scores. I’ve scored high on my SATs and PSATs and it’s at college level or close to college level. I’ll bring them a high academic rate and a high graduate rate and a better program because I’m going to give 100 percent no matter where I go. I’m going to try to work with the coaches and try to work with the other players to try and get to the bigger picture so that’s what I feel like I could give to a team or a school.”