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Nike’s Release of the Performance Hijab is Major Statement for Muslim Women




It’s no secret by now that mega company Nike is releasing an athletic performance Hijab to support the Female Muslim athletes nationwide.

You may be thinking what all the fuss is about over an athletic accessory but this isn’t exactly a basketball sleeve or new cleat. This is more about what the action symbolizes it marks progression, the Hijab has faced a lot of scrutiny in recent years especially in the states. We the public have been brainwashed to see the Hijab as a threat and sightings can alarm some.

Our “charismatic” leader bashed what the Hijab stands for and the religious people it honors during his campaign run.

A lot of hate has been associated with the Hijab but the way it’s been associated with violence as of late isn’t what Islam or the Hijab represents. There aren’t any active religions based or fueled on violence or harm to others.

We accept freedom of speech (as long as you don’t speak  negative of the norms), we allow everyone to express their own religion (as long as you don’t offend anyone.).  Who would’ve thought even the constitution comes with fine print attached to it.  In a moment of solidarity Nike took a huge step and invested in something bigger than sport. For the millions of Muslim women who honor the Hijab on the field and in everyday life this was a major statement and show of progress.

Recently we’ve seen models rock the Hijab in fashion shows, as well as Olympians sporting the head wear at the past summer games. A true symbol for pride and heritage the Hijab allows believers to express their core values.

Of course there was backlash people slandered the company as well the athletes wearing them but it seems we’re at a place now where supporters are outweighing the haters noise. When the Nike Hijab does finally drop it will be not only historic but a big win for these strong women.

Discrimination is ugly in all shapes and colors these women should be commended for their struggle and glorified for their commitment. Through it all the Hijab remains a prideful symbol and with the Nike stamp of approval it’s now commercialized for the world to see on a major platform.

    Obviously this is an untapped market Nike is jumping on so it’s mutually beneficial for both parties.  Regardless we must love our fellow sisters and brothers not fear them. Too much malice has been spread already the Hijab is here to stay so “Just do it.”

I'm a recent college graduate, I received my degree in Mass Communications with a focus in Journalism. I have six years of sports writing and broadcasting experience.