Quarterback Irony For Chicago Bears

Yesterday the Chicago Bears and Mark Sanchez finalized a one year deal.

Mark Sanchez, better known for his butt fumble, has played for the Jets (2009-2013), the Eagles (2014-2015) and the Cowboys (2016). He played two games for the Cowboys last season, which resulted in 0 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions.

We can’t forget the horror that was Mark Sanchez against his old team last season. Remember when he came into the game and threw the ball straight into the arms of linebacker Jordan Hicks.

In total Sanchez has played 77 games with: 15,219 yards, 86 touchdowns, completion rate of 56.7%, 30 fumbles, and 86 interceptions.

Just like Jay Cutler, Mike Glennon, and Sanchez are turnover prone. Glennon has 15 interceptions, 4 fumbles and an average completion rate of 59.4%. Sanchez has 86 interceptions, 30 fumbles and an average completion rate of 56.7%.

Cutler has played more games than both of them and had 146 interceptions with 56 fumbles, and a 61.9% completion rate. Mark Sanchez has only played 77 games and Jay Cutler has played 139.

Glennon is still looking to be the starter for the Bears with Sanchez as an experienced back-up.

Pace has stated that they are looking to recruit a Quarterback in the draft. If recruiting someone new to the NFL the Bears feel that Sanchez could be a great mentor as he was for Dak Prescott.

Moving forward it seems that Pace has his eyes on Deshaun Watson. He has voiced that experience is high on his priority list for a quarterback. Deshaun has been a starter for Clemson the last two seasons which gives him a leg up.

Irony rings in with Pace’s statement about experience when it comes to Glennon. Glennon has only played 21 games in his NFL career. Both Glennon and Sanchez only appeared in two games last season.

That being said, although experience is important, you would think talent should be at the top of Pace’s list. The priority was getting Jay Cutler out of Chicago, but when will the Bears get a quarterback to take us to the playoffs?






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