Nike Executive: LaVar Ball ‘Worst Thing to Happen to Basketball in Last 100 Years’

Nike executive George Raveling is not a fan whatsoever of NBA draft prospect, and potential Top 3 draft pick, Lonzo Ball’s father, LaVar Ball.

The boisterous. outspoken and unfiltered Ball has made headlines with his sound bytes and his antics, but the Nike exec is not entertained.

According to Michael Smith of SportsBusiness Journal, Ball is “the worst thing to happen to basketball in the last hundred years.”

Ball has been very vocal about the family’s desire to see the Los Angeles Lakers draft Lonzo and has gone as far to say that he would discourage other teams from drafting his son during an appearance on KCUB Sports Radio 1290 (h/t ESPN).

Ball has also been vocal about his son’s talents, telling TMZ Sports (h/t Kyle Boone of CBS Sports) that; “He’s (Lonzo) going to be better than Steph Curry. Steph Curry’s really good, but my son is young, he’s got time to go. And you only consider him good because he won a couple of championships. What if he didn’t win no championships? He made some shots at the right time. But he’s not as young as my boy.”

The elder Ball told Josh Peter of USA Today that he is seeking a $1 billion shoe deal for his sons.

That deal may not come from Nike, if it comes at all.

It’s fair to question Ball’s antics. While his confidence in his son’s abilities shouldn’t necessarily be criticized it is fair to ask how much his antics may be hurting his son’s image.

LaVar can, at times, seem more interested in the spotlight and media attention than his son.

It will be interesting if Lonzo lands with the Lakers and just how his endorsements line up.