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Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski Featured In New Oberto Beef Jerky Video



Oberto Beef Jerky has been no stranger to associating themselves with professional athletes and personalities.

Oberto also has a creative approach to their marketing campaigns, with a focus on the viral video market as of late.

This week, Oberto launched their latest creative feature which features New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowkski.

Oberto has integrated Gronkowski into their overall national marketing/advertising campaign, which focuses on connecting the brand with active lifestyle and the benefits of its high protein products.

Gronkowski has been featured in their broadcast spots and Oberto has also created innovative, digital campaigns centered around him, which are often comedic in nature.

Last year, Oberto launched a digital campaign featuring Gronk and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman aptly titled, “Gronk & Sherm Talk about Stuff While Eating Jerky”.

In the next few months, Oberto will be rolling out even more campaigns featuring just Gronk in more comedic videos as part of their digital marketing and internet marketing campaign(s).

I had a chance to speak with Stephen O’Hare, Director of Marketing at Oberto about their initiatives.

“It starts with our tagline: YOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN” O’Hare said when I asked what led to their working relationship with Gronk.

“Both Gronk and Sherm’s preparation off the field and the results it nets on the field exemplifies our motto.  Additionally, both these guys are great personalities.

They grab your attention in nearly everything they do. This is a requirement for a small family owned company trying to cut through all the noise in today’s media marketplace. And critically Gronk and Sherm get what we are trying to do.

They love the product, they get the message we are trying send and they genuinely appreciate the unique ideas we’ve come up with over the last couple of years.”

From speaking with O’Hare it is clear that Oberto is dedicated to creating more campaigns featuring professional athletes.

“Absolutely, jerky is a great source of protein and a fantastic snack for those who lead an active lifestyle” O’Hare said.

“Since 2013, we have made a commitment to align with world class athletes and their LITTLE VOICE in their stomachs (played by Stephen A. Smith) to bring to life the benefits of an all-natural protein packed snack like Oberto Beef Jerky. The reception from consumers and our success in the market has begotten us some of the “sincerest form of flattery” from our competitors. But that only fuels our creativity and our passion to continue.”

Keeping these ads fresh and creative is key to their longevity and their long-term success. Oberto is focused on keeping their edge in creativity.

Last year, for example, Oberto featured Gronk playing ‘Rock em, Sock em, Robots’ and the brand is constantly challenging themselves to come up with the next great creative idea.

“The credit goes to Court Crandall head of our Ad agency Positivity. He is always conjuring up fun, memorable ideas that (perhaps most importantly) can be executed with the limited time we have with guys like GRONK and Sherm” O’Hare said.

“That said, we don’t have any “old school” games on the horizon.  But we do have some fantastic stuff planned. Both Gronk and Sherm will star in a vignette for Father’s Day that helps guide you to the perfect gift for your dad.

In July, we have on tap a hilarious digital series with Gronk that will highlight the delicious taste of our new Oberto Trail Mix with Jerky. And as we head into fall, Gronk will tackle some “difficult” questions from America’s youth.”

You can see the video featuring Gronk below:



Anthony DiMoro is the creator of Sports Rants and the CEO of Elite Rank Media. He is a former Contributor for Forbes and the Huffington Post where he covered sports, social media, and SEO. Anthony formerly hosted the 'Forbes SportsMoney Podcast'.