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Ravens Debate: Joe Flacco Vs Tony Romo



Everyone in the sports world knows by now that Tony Romo has called it quits on his professional sports career (NFL and NBA).  He leaves behind a legacy that was magnified under the Dallas spotlight, yet somehow is still belittled of its greatness.

Romo has some produced some pretty incredible statistics and has won a lot of games in the NFL (78-49 record).  He also owns the 4th-best passer rating in NFL history (97.1), trailing only Aaron Rodgers, Russel Wilson, and Tom Brady.

Along with the flashy stats come the blemishes in which no QB is immune.  Early in his career, he was known as a choke artist after ending games throwing interceptions.  The last two years of his career (following a phenomenal 2014 season) have been marred by both injury and a rookie wunderkind QB, which ultimately led to his retirement.

The stats can make up for his early career mistakes and his later stage injuries.  But, what many people will remember about Romo will be his inability to finish a playoff run with a win.  Despite his success in the regular season, Dallas teams under Romo produced a paltry 2-4 record.

Throughout popular NFL opinion, regular season statistics will hold more weight in an “is _____ elite” discussion than playoff success.  Romo is undoubtedly deemed “elite” among a vast majority of analysts and fans because of his stats.

Meanwhile, a certain quarterback in Baltimore has been debated about whether he is elite for the past six+ seasons.  No, he is not flashy in the regular season, but he has shown the ability to rise his level of play in career games.  He shows up when it matters most.  Despite ranking 8th overall in career playoff victories (so far), owning arguably the best post season run of any QB ever, and being a Super Bowl MVP, he is not “undoubtedly elite” like his peer Tony Romo.

Now, this is not a debate whether Flacco is an elite quarterback.  This is a debate wondering: who would Baltimore have been better off with between 2008-present, Flacco or Romo?

This is a tough question that could easily go either way.  First, I can honestly say that I’d prefer Flacco in this debate.

I’ll start with this.  Between the 2013-2016 seasons (post-Super Bowl), the Ravens have had one successful season, and three disappointing ones by Baltimore standards.  Do I think that, with Tony Romo at QB, Baltimore would’ve have been drastically improved during these seasons?  The answer is no, I do not.

Baltimore had no offensive line, run game, or play-makers at wide receiver in 2013.  Romo plays his best ball with great protection and confidence in his running backs.  He would’ve faltered in 2013 as well.

Romo played his best season in 2014, with the best offensive line in the NFL and the league-leading RB to take pressure off him.  Flacco, coincidentally, played his best season in 2014 as well, with the best starting offensive line he’s ever had, a solid running game, and the tandem of Steve Smith Sr. and Torrey Smith.  Baltimore blew through Pittsburgh in the playoffs and held two separate 14-point leads against the Patriots in the divisional round, ultimately falling to the eventual Super Bowl champs.  Do I see much improvement in that team with Romo under center? I do not.

2015 was the season of injury for both QBs.  Although, in the few games Romo played, he looked great, meanwhile Flacco was under-performing as his teammates succumbed to injury one after the other.

2016 could have had a different ending with Romo under center (maybe a post season berth?), but with so many imperfections on the roster there’s no telling how far he could’ve carried the team.  Romo also suffered a broken back in the preseason, which led to the emergence of rookie sensation Dak Prescott.  Flacco ended up starting every game coming off his first critical injury of his career.

Now, the years 2008-2012 are hard to figure out.  Romo was in his prime, while Flacco was learning on the go as a rookie starter.

Romo would have been undoubtedly brilliant with the teams Baltimore fielded in those five seasons.  He has never had the luxury of a defense fielding the quality that Baltimore employed during that time.  Could Romo have won a Super Bowl (or two?) with those teams?  I think so, with 2008 and/or 2011 coming to mind right away.

But, as history shows, Baltimore won nine playoff games and a Super Bowl in that time.  Any Ravens fan should be proud of the way those teams played with their young QB under center.  You couldn’t ask for much more from them, mainly because they delivered a Lombardi Trophy for the city.  (That’s also a big reason this is such a difficult debate.)

And now, Romo is retired and Flacco is entering an age where many common era QBs see high success.  If Baltimore’s QB retired this past season, would they feel confident they could acquire a player that could keep this team trending back upwards?

I believe if Ozzie Newsome had the chance to go back and choose Joe Flacco all over again knowing what he knew now, he most certainly would.

22-year-old Writer out of Baltimore, Maryland. Towson University Alum- Class of 2016. I've been a Ravens fan for as long as I can remember and will defend them for life. I love Football in general, and I am getting more and more into Basketball and Baseball everyday. I aim to inspire the most out of people through my writing. Dream Big.

Baltimore Ravens

Ravens’ Alex Collins Arrested



Baltimore Ravens running back Alex Collins was arrested early on Friday morning following a car crash about a mile from the Ravens’ team facility, according to a report from the Baltimore Sun.

Per the report: Officers responded to a report of a car that had crashed into a tree on the 10000 block of Dolfield Road at about 6:48 a.m. Friday morning, Baltimore County police spokeswoman Officer Jennifer Peach said.

Collins, 24, was arrested, however charges were not made public at the time of this writing.

Ravens vice president of public relations Chad Steele told The Baltimore Sun that the team has spoken with law enforcement and is aware of the situation involving Collins.

Collins is coming off a down year with Baltimore after a breakout campaign in 2017. Collins managed only 411 yards rushing in 2018 and was placed on injured reserve back in December, ending his season early.

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Baltimore Ravens

Ray Rice Says He Is Done With Football



Former NFL running back Ray Rice, who had been working to try and get a second chance in the NFL over the past couple of years, is no longer pursuing a comeback.

“I’ll be the first one to say it; I don’t have to retire to tell you I’m done with football” Rice said, during an interview on CBS This Morning.

“The pressure I was under of being a star, that was the person I hated the most.”

Rice was suspended indefinitely back in 2014 when a video surfaces showing Rice punching his then-fiancee, now wife, Janay Rice while the two were alone in an elevator.

Rice was never picked up by another team following the conclusion of his suspension, and his release from the Baltimore Ravens.

Rice said that he sees “similarities” between his situation and the one of former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt, who was recently cut loose by the team when a video surfaced showing him pushing and kicking a woman in a hallway.

“Somewhere down the line everybody who’s sayin’, ‘Does he deserve a second chance for football?’ And this that and the other— I actually got my second chance” Rice said of Hunt, who cleared waivers and is now a free agent.

“During my darkest moments, and I used to ask myself, ‘How could she even be—want to support me?’ … That’s understandable. But I think what’s misunderstood about us is that the friends we were before the incident. That’s why, like I said, when I look at Kareem Hunt, I wanna know what his life was like. I want to know what happened in life. I know Kareem has apologized, and has expressed remorse for survivors of domestic violence.”


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Baltimore Ravens

Ravens Trying To Entice Fans With Lower Concession Prices



The Baltimore Ravens are attempting to win back fans and their latest plan is making a big step toward doing just that as the team announced on Tuesday that they will reduce concession prices at M&T Bank Stadium in 2018.

The Ravens have been on a mission to bring back fans who were angered by some players’ national anthem protests coupled with their 3-year playoff drought.

A series of moves have demonstrated their efforts. The team invited fans to ask questions at a media pre-draft news conference held a question-and-answer session with fans at the team facility with owner Steve Bisciotti, coach John Harbaugh and general manager Ozzie Newsome, and also have had team president Dick Cass meet and talk to fan clubs.

While the team has sold out every game during their 20-year history at M&T Bank Stadium, empty seats grew in numbers as the 2017 season wore on, and the no-shows are very obvious.

The organization is taking this initiative very seriously.

“It’s something I would really like to take a hard look at, and at least, come up with select items that we can do,” Bisciotti said back in February of this year.

“If it means us … I can’t make Aramark do that with me, but I can make them go along as long as it’s my share of the profits that I’m waiving. Yeah, I’d like to take a look at that. I think we could probably do that.”

There is an official news conference scheduled for Thursday where the Ravens will officially announce price reductions on concessions.


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