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Wrestlings Mount Rushmore



Throughout all of wrestling’s long history, it is hard to give a select 4 people to represent Wrestling’s Mount Rushmore.

Though, I am going to do my best to try to for all of you!

First, a 2 honorable mentions. Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels.

Mick Foley had a unique “thing” to him. Maybe it was his body, the non typical WWE body.

Or maybe it was the fact the madman jumped off the hell in a hell and had a tooth lodged up his nostril.

And maybe it was the fact he not only had “Mick Foley” but also Cactus Jack, Mankind, and Dude love.

Mick was a face that the WWE universe will never not know to love, even if he is off getting hip surgery! Best of luck Mick!

Shawn Michaels

It would be hard to think of wrestling and not think of Mr. Wrestlemania himself.

Looking back at Shawn and his long time in WWE, he has always put on some historic matches with Taker, Austin, Cena, and many more!

Shawn had the ability to get the fans going, if he was a slimey heel, a god loving face, or just making a one-off show at Mania or an episode of RAW, Shawn has always had a strong ability to draw fans.

On to the list!

Ric Flair

Ric Flair is wrestling, wrestling is Ric Flair. There is no way around it.

Before Cena came along, Flair held the record for most World Title runs, at a whopping SIXTEEN times.

It is incredible to see someone so good in Ric Flair go for being so long. The idea of Flair going till he was almost SIXTY, is incredible.

Flair was a major draw, and people loved to see the beach blonde guy get his ass whopped.

Hulk Hogan

A lot like Ric Flair, but not at all like him. Hogan was the ideal man.

Clean cut, all American, truly the person that the WWE could almost trick kids and parents.

Its rare that we will ever see another Hulk Hogan, but man even today in 2017 he is still talked about.

The fact that WWE really got mainstreamed and got popular and became really what it is today is because of Hogan, he helped pipeline WWE into stardom.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

If you ever wanna know why WWE never got taken over by WCW, thank your resident beer drinking badass, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Stone Cold was a household name, from kids pretending their root beers were real, and Adults buying sleeveless leather vests, Stone Cold was a huge figure in WWE.

Austin and Vince had a truly amazing feud, which fans could really connect to.

It is hard to think that no one has ever walked into their office and wanted to smash 2 beers and give a middle finger plus a stunner to their boss.

Austin really pioneered WWE.

And last but not least…

The Rock

When walking past Rushmore, there’s at least one person you can actually identify.

And for a lot of people, this person is the man with muscles on top of his muscles, the Rock.

He is an actor, he is a person of color, he is a former World Champion.

He has made a lot of waves in WWE, being someone what was so hated for so long, and all of his matches were hated.

When he got together with the Nation of Domination, he became someone who printed money for you.

The Rock put on classics with Hogan, Cena, Punk, and undertaker. And cut promos that could make current guys dream of being that good.

The Rock, along with Flair, Hogan, and Stone Cold, all truly belong on Wrestling’s Mount Rushmore!

Don’t think so? Well let me know what is YOUR Wrestling Mount Rushmore.