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WWE Payback 2017 Review



Payback was good. Not the best. Just good. For the first show after Mania, it did not let me down. 

Like most pay-per-views it does have its flaws, but that did not take away from the fantastic show of wrestling we got to watch, so let’s go down the card and recap the first show, post Mania.

Chris Jericho VS Kevin Owens

This was a match that had a fantastic story behind it, with the two former best friends that now hate each other. It does sound like a rehash of the Sami and Kevin Feud, but man is it good.

This match showed fantastic wrestling and really good in-ring story telling.

As a flashback to Wrestlemania, Owens got out of the walls of Jericho by using just his finger on the bottom rope.

At Payback, Chris made sure that would not be a factor in the match, he smashed Owens finger into the steel steps.

In the end, Jericho took the win, took the titles, and took his bags to SmackDown LIVE!

Austin Aries VS Neville

This match was a very decent match with more good storytelling.

Aries had some really hard hitting moves, and a great spot with the dropkick to the butt of Neville, and it looked truly painful.

The match ended with a DQ as Austin locked in the last chancery, and Neville threw the ref, prompting the DQ.

Austin left the night with the win but did NOT leave with the title, and I think that was the smartest idea. These two guys are the headlines of that division, and it is slowly getting better.


The Hardy Boyz VS Sheamus and Cesaro

HEEL TURN! It was fantastic to see a natural heel turn from Cesaro who has not been a hell in a good while, and for Sheamus to get back to his natural state.

The match was nothing fantastic about this match, it was a tag team match that we all knew who the winner would be.

After the match, it featured the heel turn that every thought would officially make the Hardyz BROKEN, and I have a feeling that will happen the next night on RAW.

The Hardyz left the arena toothless, bloody, but with the tag titles none the less, I think right now, the tag division really need a shot in the arm and I think it is this heel turn has made it a lot more on the map.

Bayley VS Alexa Bliss

The balls on WWE. In her hometown. She loses.

I think it was in fact smart though, Bayley was not the ideal champion. I was scared she would carry the belt out to Summerslam, and I am glad she is not.

This was Alexa’s best match, so far. She had a lot of good moments like the head smashes in the corner, and the side of Bayleys face getting smashed into the post.

This match has honestly no big moments, it felt clunky but not as clunky as most women’s matches are, but it was still a good match that had a good outcome.

Randy Orton VS Bray Wyatt

What can I say? They took a chance with this match and I Don’t know if it payed off or not. On one hand, you get Bray who won a blow off match to a feud for the first time since the Inferno match, on the downside, it was a House Of Horrors match.

It started out with Randy in a car, leading into a house where he walked around into different rooms, to be attacked by Bray.

The house felt stupid, it felt like it was out of place, and just did not feel like it should have happened.

Randy and Bray soon filed into the ring where Randy hit Bray with an RKO, before Orton could pin him, The Singh Brothers came out of nowhere to attack Randy.

After Randy took care of the brothers, he was attacked by Jinder Mahal.


The match felt kind of stupid, but luckily Bray left with the win.

Seth Rollins VS Samoa Joe

In a ring of honor rematch, this match was as good as it could have been.

For most of the match, Joe really worked over the knee of Rollins a lot of the match, and it felt like that knee was a real factor into the match.

Rollins did NOT use his new knee to the face, which also really sold that injury.

This match was not at all the end of the feud for the two men, rather just the start of it.

With Rollins sneaking out with the win with a roll up type pin, there’s a lot left to go for the two of these men.

Roman VS Braun Strowman

This was probably the match of the night, in a lot of ways. I do not want to say it was a squash match, but Roman got his ass…beat.

It was fantastic, Strowman looked truly strong in this match, and Roman still looked kind of strong.

Post match, Strowman was not done with Roman, grabbing the steel steps and giving Roman a lifting slam onto the steps. Then driving the steps into his rib cage.

The crowd loved the beat down, and had no problem letting Vince know their happiness with it.

WWE payback was a fantastic show, with a lot of high points. I can not wait to see Backlash to see how WWE responds!

Thanks for giving me a read, and be sure give me your thoughts and opinions on the show!
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