Camron Thompson Has Ohio Pride And Makes Plays For Grayson High School

Ohio is responsible for Camron Thompson becoming interested in football. Warren, Ohio is where he calls home and while he plays for Grayson High School in Loganville, Georgia, it is very important to him to make Ohio proud.

“Well, my love for football started when I started playing pee-wee football up in Ohio and I always knew I was dedicated because it’d be a hot day and I’d still go out and go 100 percent. I just fell in love with the game and the competition,” Thompson said.

The 5’11, 200 pound running back and state champion with the Grayson Rams last season said that it was tough leaving Warren, Ohio. A place where he had lived for the first 13 years of his life and he had to adapt to a new environment and new people in Loganville.

“Moving from Ohio and what the city means to me is I know that I have to rep my city, do the best and what I can in my sport. People every time they hear my name would be like ‘oh that’s Camron, he’s from Warren, Ohio. I do my city well.”

Thompson’s freshman year was when he saw his talent come into view because in playing high school football for a short time at John F. Kennedy High School in Cleveland, he recognized that the game speed in Ohio and Georgia was different and the players he was playing against were bigger and faster.

Thompson was doing more of the same in Georgia in terms of making plays.

While that is the case, as a senior now, Camron Thompson does not have any offers to his name but has received interest from Memphis, Rutgers, Georgia Southern, Georgia State, and Clemson. He also has taken visits to the following schools: Memphis, Georgia State, Eastern Kentucky, Northern Illinois University, Ball State and Central Michigan.

“Memphis because when I went Memphis it felt like home and all of the coaches greeted me [with] open arms and they talked to me like they knew me…. I felt welcome there, the campus is really nice and I like where the school is at. I’d probably say Ohio State just because I’m from Ohio and I love Ohio State,” Thompson said about schools he has high interest in.

“I would say my dream school is Tennessee because their campus is amazing, I love everyone on the coaching staff. They have an active coaching staff and they talk to you like they would talk to another adult. Every time I went to a game, I just loved the energy there.”


Cameron Thompson studies Dallas Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliot and tries to incorporate what he Elliot does into his own game. Thompson is very elusive and shows speed more when he breaks to the outside. He’s also good at making plays in space.

When he’s faced with a defender in his way, he’s not afraid to use his power to break tackles.

“I like to embarrass people, that’s my favorite. I like to embarrass the defender, score touchdowns and have my linemen meet up with me in the end zone.”

The best of his game is his elusiveness and vision but he does recognize that he needs to get better at knowing the down and distance and when to use his elusiveness and power.

What he will be looking for in figuring out what school to commit and sign to is if he fits the team and their plan for the offense in addition to how the coaching staff treats the players and the program’s pedigree as far as wins and losses.

“I feel I can bring to a university, I can bring leadership, someone to motivate everybody even coming in as a freshman. I could motivate everybody and just keep a winning mindset.”