The Blitz For Six – New England’s Pursuit Of Another Ring

Five months removed from the 2016-17 NFL season that began with Tom Brady serving a 4 game suspension ended with a monumental comeback that resulted in the Patriots 5th SuperBowl. During the regular season and playoff run, Brady and Belichick-arguably the most dynamic duo of any postmodern pro sports leagues show no signs of slowing down.

What many would characterize as an off day for Tom in his 7th big game ended with the 39 year old QB amassing 466 yards, 2 TDs, one interception and his fifth ring. With those stats and the genius mind and systematic coaching scheme of Belichick would it be realistic to think the Pats could win 7 or 8? It certainly seems possible. Retirement seems to be an afterthought for Tom. He has been quoted as saying he would play into his mid-40’s. While this is uncommon for pro athlete QB’s, likewise was the beginning of a 25 point comeback in SuperBowl LI that neither the Atlanta Falcons nor the world thought possible in the waning minutes of the third quarter. His strong desire to compete, mental toughness and diet/regiment could propel him well into his forties.

From recent reports, the hunt for number 6 was already underway just days after the Patriots dramatic SuperBowl comeback. According to coach Belichick and as reported by it seemed the team was already behind the rest of the league. “As of today, and as great as today feels and as great as today is, in all honesty we’re five weeks behind in the 2017 season to most teams in the league. Fortunately we have a great personnel staff”. This, accompanied with a “no days off” chant at the celebratory parade and a no nonsense attitude show the most dominant NFL team of the 21st century aren’t going anywhere.

According to bleacher report, the Pats are favored to win Superbowl 52.”The reigning champions New England Patriots are the clear favorites to capture the Super Bowl LII title next February at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis”. New England has won 2 rings in the past 3 years and a mini dynasty has already begun. Furthermore, Bill and the Pats have made up for lost time.  A healthy Rob Gronkowski rejoins the team and the signings of star cornerback Stephon Gilmore, Dwayne Allen (TE) and Brandin Cooks (WR) only cement the Pats as a clear favorite and one could argue it leaves other NFL teams playing “catch up”.

The “blitz for six” has been trademarked by the Patriot organization for the 2018 season and is well underway. The potential for this organization to win at the highest level and the coach/qb duo to be the best EVER in any major sport is coming to fruition. Only time will tell, but maybe the real key to success for the New England Patriots is hard work, team unity and everyone doing their job. Oh!, And as Bill reminds us; “No days off!”