Colts’ Andrew Luck Won’t Commit To Return Date

Indianapolis Colts quarterback is going the extra mile to address concerns about his surgically repaired shoulder and although he has yet to throw a pass, Luck put in work on Saturday.

“I would say that there’s no reason to freak out,” Luck¬†told reporters on Saturday.

“I will be better than I was coming into this coming out. I know that. I don’t know what day it’s going to be, I don’t know what week, I don’t know when it’s going to be but I definitely will be. So there’s no reason to freak out. And on that note, football is the greatest team game in the world. No one person is bigger than the team and I’ve always felt that. We’ve got a solid, solid team that is forming at this complex. So, no reason to freak out.”

Colts fans may be eyeing Indianapolis’ regular season opener against the Los Angeles Rams on September 10th as a potential return date for Luck, but Luck isn’t committing to any date as of now.

“It’s a dangerous game to count backwards from a certain date, late August, or September,” said Luck, who has been throwing a tennis ball as part of his rehab. “I think that’s completely unfair to the process and will end up causing worse issues if you are skipping steps.

“We are not going to rush it, to rush it” Luck cautioned.

“I think that would be the worst thing we could do. The end game is for me to better than I was before I was injured and I don’t want to put a date on that.”

For now, the Colts need to focus 100% on backup quarterback Scott Tolzien, who may be lining up behind center for the Colts/Rams tilt on September 10th.