Price May Be Booed At Fenway Tonight, And He’d Deserve It

During tonight’s Kansas City-Boston game at Fenway Park, there is a good chance that the Boston crowd will shower one particular player will boos, but he won’t be wearing a Royals jersey.

David Price will pitch at home tomorrow for the first time since Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy revealed the lefty’s comments towards broadcaster Dennis Eckersley last month, and the reception for the 217 million dollar man might not be very positive as a result. Price called it “defending a teammate,” but Shaughnessy’s rendition of the event quickly made it clear that this was not the case.

For anyone who somehow doesn’t know by now given the ridiculous amount of attention the situation has received, Price took exception to a comment that Eckersley made on-air regarding Eduardo Rodriguez. Rather than take Eck aside and voice his frustration in private, Price chose to do so in front of the entire team while on Boston’s charter, and he used some less than friendly language in the process.

The Red Sox organization surprisingly remained silent on the issue until just yesterday. Team President and CEO Sam Kennedy said on the radio that Eckersley deserves an apology. Analysts and commentators across the MLB have agreed that Price acted foolishly and should own up to it. An apology is yet to be issued publicly.

Red Sox fans on the contrary have been very vocal over the situation. The incident occurred more than a month ago, but Shaughnessy did not reveal what was actually said until this past week. Price has received a firestorm of hate on social media since, with fans lambasting him for having such thin skin and acting so immaturely. Numerous Red Sox fan sites have called for Price to be booed, and it looks as if that might just happen.

Price has been very difficult on the media all season long and has blown up at more than one journalist. And it isn’t totally unjustified because everyone knows how much of a pain the side the media can be at times. But Dennis Eckersley isn’t just another reporter. The man is one of the greatest pitchers of all-time and has served the Red Sox as an analyst for more than 10 years. He deserves the respect of the team Red Sox for all the years of service he has given.

Price deserves to hear it for the stupidity of his actions and it is refreshing to see that fans are not condoning such behavior. The 2012 AL Cy Young winner is dire need of a reality check.

It isn’t very often that a member of the home team gets roasted, but that’s more-than likely what will happen at the Fens tonight.