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Jarvis Landry And The Business Side Of The NFL



288 Receptions.

That’s the amount of receptions by Wide Receiver Jarvis Landry in his first 3 years in the league. That’s an NFL record which is tied with Odell Beckham Jr. who happens to be Landry’s best friend, a guy whom he calls brother.

Despite the 288 receptions which are the most in NFL history in the first 3 years of any player neither Jarvis Landry nor Odell Beckham Jr. have gotten paid what they believe is a fair amount of money. They each want to get paid like number 1 receivers as they should, because they are.

Though they both have different skill sets which is why Odell has 35 TDs and Landry has 13. They both have one thing that you don’t find often in a WR, passion, that passion for the game to be the best and they go out every week to prove their the best WR in the league.

The WR with the biggest contract is Antonio Brown, who is arguably the best WR in the game right now. Not to take away from Odell or Landry, but Brown is a whole different monster. In the last 3 years, Brown has 371 Receptions, 4816 Yards and 35 Touchdowns.

Brown signed a new five-year contract with the Steelers through the 2021 season. The contract is a 4 year extension worth 68 million dollars with 19 million dollars guaranteed which makes him the highest paid WR in the NFL.

Jarvis is currently playing under the last year of his rookie contract which pays him $893,852. While most players looking to seek a new contract would hold out, such as Le’Veon Bell, Landry didn’t, Landry showed up to Voluntary training program and was present all through Training Camp.

Before we go anywhere let me say that as a fan, I do not want to see Landry leave the Dolphins, Adam Gase has constantly called him the heart of the team, a guy who plays with an intensity that fuels the whole team. With that said, Landry should do what’s best for him and his family, the NFL is a business, and like any business with any employee, if they aren’t willing to take care of you, go with someone who will.

Steven Ross, owner of the Miami Dolphins, said recently that the Dolphins are in no rush to sign him and that he doesn’t know if a deal gets done before the season. “it’s not really mandatory that we do it before the season.”

Landry is by far one of the most dynamic receivers the league has ever seen, he’s also one of the most, if not the most reliable Wideout in the league. Jarvis won’t slow down his play this season, in fact, he’ll want to prove he’s worth the same if not more than what Antonio Brown got.

Recent reports have come out and said that Miami is willing to trade Jarvis Landry for the right price, Adam Gase said today that he told Jarvis there was “no chance” they’d trade him. We have to wait and see how it plays out. To try and predict what will happen isn’t fair, we’re not the ones making decisions and we’re not the ones in the meeting rooms.

Jarvis will play in 2018 and beyond, who he plays for is and will be out of our hands. We should all admire the way he plays and approaches the game, because there is no one like him. No, not even Odell Beckham Jr.

Hello, My name is Juan La Riva, I was born in Venezuela but raised in Florida, I love all Miami teams of every sport but I also follow other teams closely. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Full Sail University where I studied Film. I love to take pictures and watch movies.