Redskins’ Kirk Cousins Says He ‘Didn’t Feel At Peace’ With Long-Term Contract

The Washington Redskins gave it their all in attempting to sign quarterback Kirk Cousins to a long-term contract but Cousins rejected their offer(s).

Cousins will play this season under the franchise-tag and once again the NFL world is under the “Cousins Exit from Washington” watch.

So why didn’t Cousins sign the long term deal?

“I didn’t feel at peace with signing a long-term deal at this juncture” Cousins said per Dan Graziano of

“I think the freedom that it allows on the other side of this season makes more sense. In the league, there’s so much change, so much turnover year after year, I think it makes a lot of sense to re-evaluate where we’re at, where the league’s at at the end of this season.”

Cousins will earn $24 million under the franchise tag this season and earned $20 million in 2016.

“If I put my confidence in a contract, or I put my confidence in money or in the security or in whatever I think the NFL can give me, it is a foundation of sand that is shifting, and it’s not a healthy way to build your life” Cousins said.

For now, Cousins is playing for the Redskins, but beyond this season is up in the air in every sense of the phrase.