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Cricket Series update



What a fabulous time in cricket it has been, the teams which have been written off have come back fighting strong, and proving all their critics wrong. West Indies especially had copped so much criticism after the first Test match against England where they suffered a heavy defeat. Criticism had come at them from all the corners and this would have definitely affected the team morale, but West Indies have the fighting spirit and they came back strongly at Headingly. They proved their critics wrong it was another great game and West Indies were fighting hard in this match, England were stumbling but came back strongly in the second innings but West Indies had a fire and desire to win this match which could be seen through their batting especially in the second innings and they ended beating England by 5 wickets in the second Test match.

West Indies were jubilant in their victory and they were celebrating, and their coach was really proud of the way they had handled everything especially the heavy criticism they had faced before the second Test match.
The series decider Test match between England vs. West Indies is currently being played at Lords. Both the teams are battling West Indies have been bowled out for 123 runs and England are four wickets down at the end of day 1. England were bowled out for 194 runs and West Indies are currently 93-3 at the end of day 2

India vs Sri Lanka series

The series between India vs. Sri Lanka has been a one-sided affair throughout the Test matches, ODI’s and the lone T20 match India have dominated all the matches. Sri Lanka use to be very strong at home, but they are definitely rebuilding the team and have some great talent coming through. India right now are in very good form and have been unstoppable. Throughout all the matches someone from the team has stepped up, and ensured India stayed on top it has been a team effort by India. Sri Lanka have just been outplayed in all departments, but they should definitely analyse where they went wrong and come back stronger because you can never keep the Sri Lankan team quiet for long. They will come back fighting strong, so I do believe next time an India vs. Sri Lanka series happens we shall be seeing a stronger Sri Lankan team. As always they have proven people perceptions wrong whenever they have been written off they always script something special. In this series though that was lacking as India sweeped the Test series, ODI series and the lone T20 match. The players will definitely want to come back a lot more stronger, and bring back that home dominance that Sri Lanka were known for.

Bangladesh vs. Australia
Australia are in Bangladesh to play a 2 Test match series right now the current figure stands at 1-1. In the first Test match it was the underdogs who won Bangladesh played brilliantly this was an well fought match because Australia played well, but they were outplayed by Bangladesh in their home city of Dhaka. Australia were shocked by this defeat because they would have expected to win, and Australia is one team who really don’t like losing. So they would have gone back to the drawing board and analysed their mistakes in great detail. This was a great match to see and the home crowd were happy to see Bangladesh win and they would have been jubilant in their victory because they always give it their 100 percent in every match. Bangladesh are a very courageous and fearless team when they hit the field they were hearts on their sleeves in my opinion, and play with a lot of emotion and depth. So this victory would have been savoured and Australia would have plotted to come back and avenge this defeat as they only lost the match by 20 runs.

In the second test match Bangladesh did well in the first innings to get a good score to get Australia under pressure.
Australia managed to get those runs and get a slight lead in the Test match. Afterwards Bangladesh were back in for the second innings but they collapsed as Australia bowled very well in the second innings, and grabbed a lot of the wickets setting back Bangladesh. Australia only had to chase down 87 runs in order to win the match. They lost 3 wickets along the way but in the end cruised to victory thus levelling the series with Bangladesh.

I am huge sports fan love watching all types of sports, but my favourite sport is cricket. I grew up watching and playing cricket and I love the game. Being able to write articles about cricket is a dream come true, and I am thoroughly enjoying this new journey which I have embarked on.