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Opinion: Why I Think The College Football Playoffs Should Be Changed



College football fans do you like the current college football format as it right now, or do you think it should be changed? If you are not familiar with the current format, here is how it works. First, each team plays their college football schedule. Then, the committee decides which four teams out of 129 total get into the playoffs.

But, since this new playoff format has been introduced to college football, there have been backlash and suggestions of expanding it to eight or even 12 teams. That’s fine and either one can work, but here is my proposal for the college football playoffs.

Currently, there are 129 teams split into ten conferences with some of them divided into two divisions. My college football proposal is that the school that wins the conference gets to be automatically in the playoffs.

However, if your conference has divisions, the winners from both divisions will play in one final game. The winner of that game get’s to move on to the college football playoffs. Finally, all ten teams will be seeded 1-10. The seeds will be best on your overall win total. If there is a tie, then to break it, we go to conference W-L total.

After that, we just go down the line.

If these rules were enforced last season (2016) and how they are seeded.

Who Got IN?

AAC: Temple Owls (7-1 conf.) (10-4 overall)

ACC: Clemson Tigers (7-1 conf.) (14-1 overall)

Big Ten; Penn State (8-1 conf.) (11-3 overall)

Big 12: Oklahoma (9-0 conf.) (11-2 overall)

FBS Independents: BYU 9-4 overall

Mountain West: San Diego State (6-2 in conf.) (11-3 overall)

Pac 10: Washington state: (8-1 in conf.) (12-2 overall)

SEC: Alabama (14-1 conf.) (8-0 overall)

Conf. USA Western Kentucky: (7-1 conf.)l (11-3 overall)

Sun Belt: Appalachian State 10-3; 7-1

Mid American: Western Michigan (13-1 overall) (8-0 in conf.)

Rankings and Matchups

  1. Alabama (SEC): 14-1; 8-0 in SEC play)
  2. Clemson (ACC): 14-1; (7-1 in ACC Play)
  3. Western Michigan (Mid-American): 13-1; 8-0 in Mid-American Play)
  4. Washington State (Pac 12): 12-2; 8-1 in Pac 12 play)
  5. Oklahoma (Big 12): 11-2; (9-0 in Big 12 play)
  6. Penn St. (Big Ten): 11-3; 8-1 in Big Ten play)
  7. San Diego State (Mountain West): 11-3; 6-2 in Mountain West Play)
  8. Western Kentucky (Conf. USA): 11-3; 7-1 in Conf. USA play)
  9. BYU (FBS): 9-4
  10. Appalachian State (Sun Belt): 10-3; 7-1 in Sun Belt play)

Now it’s time for the matchups. Remember, the low seed is traveling to the higher seed. The winner moves on. Loser goes home.

#10Appalachian State at Alabama

#9 BYU at #2 Clemson

#8 Western Kentucky at #3 Western Michigan

#7 San Diego State at #4 Washington State

#6 Penn State at #5 Oklahoma

If you look back all the way to 2014, other major conference is more than likely not going to get into the playoffs. With this format change, at least you get one team. That is how I would fix the current College Football playoff system. This way you don’t have to worry about a a group of people deciding who’s in out. Your school has to win in order to get in.