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Is Bill Belichick Leaving the New England Patriots in 2018?



After tomorrow’s week 17 finale, it’s time for “Black Monday.” For many teams after the regular season ends is the day that many head coaches get their pink slips from their respective teams. But, one head coach, if he chooses to go will be a surprise to the team and the league.

In an article posted on titled the 26 boldest predictions for the 2018 season. At number 26, is the Patriots head coach leaving New England and taking the New York Giants head coaching job. In the Article, it says

Bill Belichick will be the New York Giants’ next head coach
The reason: Prediction No. 18 had Caserio and McDaniels bailing from New England before the kingdom fell. This prediction flips the script. Belichick becomes the first to leave, allowing the Patriots to continue with Caserio and McDaniels in charge. Belichick gets a new challenge with an organization that remains fond of him from his days as an assistant. The Giants get a coach uniquely equipped to handle whatever might come his way.
The caveat: Why would Belichick leave a championship operation for a floundering one? If he really wanted change, he could have his choice of jobs after Brady retires — whenever that day comes.”

Bill Belichick has been the head coach of the New England Patriots since the 2000 season. That is the same season quarterback Tom Brady entered the league. Since being the head coach in New England, he has an impressive record of 213-74 as well as 5 Super Bowl titles under his belt.

If he does go to the Giants, it will send shockwaves across the league.


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