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JoJoDiaz/Terrazas, Sor Rungvisai/Estrada, And Caudras/Arroyo Fight Predictions



February 22  at Indio, Ca on ESPN2/ESPN Deportes

Joseph Diaz Jr.(25-0) vs. Victor Terrazas(38-4-2)- I really like this fight for both fighters, on one end we have Diaz who is eager to show the boxing world that he is ready for that world title shot. On the other end you have a former world champion in Terrazas who wants to prove that he still has a few good fights left in him.

Starting with Diaz, I really like the skill set on the kid, he pivots and works off of his jab and boxes the brakes off of his opponents. The big knock on Diaz however, is that he lacks pop in his punches and against a fighter with an iron chin it could one day cost him.

Terrazas may not have that iron chin but he does have an above average tank so if I am Terrazas I would bring the fight to Diaz and look to outwork him. Point blank, Terrazas must keep this fight on the inside.

If Diaz boxes within his rhythm and keeps this fight on the outside, then it’s a wrap for Terrazas and Terrazas will find himself outgunned and picked apart. Diaz just has too many tools in his tool shed for Terrazas to deal with. Give me Diaz by a crystal clear unanimous decision.

February 24 at Inglewood, Ca on HBO

Srisaket Sor Rungvisai(44-4-1) vs. Juan Francisco Estrada(36-2)- I am fully expecting for this clash to be all that and some. Rungvisai is coming off of a great 2017 in dethroning the great run of Chocolatito and is looking to start 2018 on a high note with a big win over Estrada.

Out of these two top fighters, Estrada is the superior better pure boxer and can box you on the inside or on the outside. Rungvisai however can really punch and the angles he employs to get his shots off are a nightmare for his foes to deal with.

The problem I see, is that Rungvisai can get a bit reckless at times, but that reckless nature can work in his favor in this fight due to the fact that Estrada tends to at times lead with his head and fighting a southpaw can create a bad cut from a Rungvisai head-butt.

Estrada has the skills to outbox Rungvisai and has a respectable chin, but what worries me is that Estrada has been knocked down by fighters that do not have the power that Rungvisai possesses.

I see Estrada picking his spots and will nail his foe with very clean landing right hand counters. What I also do see is that Rungvisai will stab Estrada with his vicious straight left hand at will and that will leave a lasting impression on the judges.

Tough fight to pick but I am going to go with Rungvisai by close split decision win.

Carlos Cuadras(36-2-1) vs. McWilliams Arroyo(16-3)- Both fighters have good power so I am expecting to see a fun shootout brawl. Arroyo seems to me to sit on his punches a bit better than Cuadras, Cuadras can also box pretty well so he at times punches on the fly so he doesn’t always turn his punches over.

Arroyo throws a mean right hook when he forces his opponents to exchange, so Cuadras will need to keep that chin tucked in and keep inventory on what’s being fired by Arroyo.

Cuadras did a very good job at boxing Chocolatito from the outside and he got creative with his punch selection thus allowing him to sneak in damaging shots.

I see Cuadras using his jab to keep Arroyo turning and with his hand speed edge will beat Arroyo to the trigger. I am taking Cuadras to beat Arroyo unanimously in an exciting back and forth clash.

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