Remembering Tight End Jason Witten

Rather it’s on the gridiron or in the community, football fans around the world have their favorite football players. Some like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or even Drew Breese. No matter who it is, it seems that we have that one special connection. Mine has to be with now former Cowboys tight end Jason Witten.¬†

Tight end Jason Witten started his NFL career when the Dallas Cowboys selected him in the third round with the 68th overall pick. During Witten’s rookie season, he became roommates with undrafted free agent quarterback Tony Romo from Eastern Illinois. From that moment Romo and Witten became joined at the hip becoming best friends off the football field.

In Jason’s NFL career, he had several memorable moments during his time in Dallas. During week 8 of the 2007 season, the Cowboys were on Sunday Night Football on the road against their division foes the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cowboys were just coming off their bye week with a 6-1 record. With 12 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter, the Cowboys were leading 35-10 facing a second and 9. When Romo snapped the ball, he heaved it down the field to Jason Witten. As he was running down the field, a player on the Eagles slammed him causing a helmet to helmet hit taking him down to the 6-yard line and a first and goal.

Another memorable moment that Jason Witten had that Cowboys fans will never forget happened against the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football. It was week 16 of 2016 regular season. On a critical drive in the game where the Cowboys needed to score, wide receiver Dez Bryant became the quarterback for a trick play where he passed the ball to tight end Jason Witten for a touchdown. The score was not only epic, but it helped Dallas with a huge victory.

In his final season with America’s team, he totaled 63 receptions, 560 yards, 5 touchdowns.

In Witten’s professional football career, Jason’s awards and acrylamides¬†include becoming an 11-time pro bowler, a 2-time all-pro, and in 2012 he was honored with the Walter Peyton Man of the Year Award for his charity work in the community.

Now that is playing career is complete, you can now see Jason Witten in the broadcast booth for ESPN’s Monday Night Football.