Cowboys’ Jerry Jones Says Team Will Continue Relationship With Papa Johns

In the aftermath of the scandal that involved Papa John’s former CEO, John Schnatter,  who used the N-word on a conference call, many brands, companies and NFL teams have cut ties with the Papa John’s brand.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says that the Cowboys will continue their business relationship with the pizza franchise.

“Some teams that have addressed the Papa John’s issue by distancing themselves do not have the same relationship that the Cowboys have with Papa John’s business in Texas,” Jones said, according to Pro Football Talk.

“We own the Papa John’s in Texas and feel strongly that our Cowboys are the big face of Papa John’s, and that judgment is warranted by what we’ve done over the last 15 years with Papa John’s.”

Jones also said that he hasn’t talked to Schnatter, but says that the former CEO probably wishes he could have done things differently.

“That’s very unfortunate that that’s being addressed, unfortunate for the company and unfortunate for John,” Jones said. “I’m sure if he could do it over again, he’d like do-overs. But the bottom line is that the Cowboys and our relationships, we own those stores. It’s not an endorsement.”