Gamactica Officially Announces Gamactica Women

As the streaming industry continues to experience a boom, and as it continues to evolve during the boom, a social networking website is making sure that female streamers have a way to stand out in a genre dominated by men.

Gamactica announced the launch of a new section of their website, 100% dedicated to supporting, promoting, and empowering female streamers on both Twitch and Mixer.

Let’s start with the fact that women in streaming hasn’t been a smooth process for the ladies, who have often been met with toxicity, harassment, and “hate”, making the importance of a positive section of a rising social platform more pressing.

Streaming is a lucrative industry, and one with no current ceiling, but a Business Insider report from last August, listing the 9 most popular Twitch streams and how much money they make, was noticeably void of women.

Sure, there are a number of factors involved, but it’s hard to ignore that women have had an uphill climb to the top of the industry. And there are some talented female Twitch streamers trying to buck that trend.

Professional gaming and streaming has been on the rise for years, and is not going anywhere, but the toxic culture has been a topic of conversation during the industry’s rise, and it’s important to address it moving forward, with so much money involved.

There is a level of toxicity, and sometimes danger, that exists for women, especially regarding their relationship status, as The Verge reported on. And another, more disturbing report last year from Kotaku on toxicity.

But from popular Twitch streamers to female Mixer streamers trying to build their brand on Twitch’s competitor via Mixer streams, positive environments are needed.

For now, Gamactica is focused on building the section of their website for female streamers and female gamers, and building stream teams to bring them all together under one digital roof.

The mission of the outfit is to allow female streamers to benefit from the marketing employed and exposure that Gamactica garners, but creating an environment where streamers can help one another grow and prosper through mutual support.

Gamactica built this concept, motivated by a few instances of seeing toxicity/hate directly aimed at female streamers, and even their own executive team.

Female streamers and female gamers aren’t anywhere, and more and more stream teams are recognizing the talent, and recruiting them to their team.

Toxicity will always exist, unfortunately, but with more positive platforms such as Gamactica Women to empower female streamers, it makes their mission a bit harder.