Atsushi Aoki Dies Following Motorcycle Accident

AJPW World Jr. champion, Atsushi Aoki, has died at the age of 41 following a single-vehicle motorcycle accident that occurred in Tokyo on Monday.

Aoki, who was scheduled to defend his title against Hikaru Sato on June 18th at Karakuen Hall, was killed when his bike hit a wall in a tunnel.

Aoki was respected around the industry, working with a number of big name talents such as WWE’s Daniel Bryan, Zack Sabre Jr., and more along with a number of Japan’s top stars throughout his storied career.

According to The Tokyo Reporter, at around 10:30 a.m on Monday, Aoki failed to navigate a curve inside a tunnel on the Shuto Expressway in the Kitamarukoen area, causing his motorcycle to crash into a side wall.

Aoki was wearing a helmet, but was later confirmed dead at the hospital.