Dodgers’ Julio Urias Not to be Charged in Domestic Violence Case On Conditions

Julio Urias
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias is set to not be charged in a domestic violence case if he complies with a few conditions.

According to TMZ Sports, the Los Angeles Attorney’s office states that Urias will not be charged with domestic violence if he participates in an informal hearing before the City Attorney which will force both parties involved in the case to talk things out.

Urias also must not commit any acts of violence against anyone, while also being required to complete a 52-week DV counseling program in person.

Provided Urias gets into anymore trouble over the next year, the City’s Attorney’s Office can move forward on prosecuting him on the case.

Urias was arrested back in May in Los Angeles after witnesses stated that they saw the Dodgers pitcher getting into an argument with a women, allegedly shoving her.

However, when police arrive, the woman denied that anything had taken place.