Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving Met in New York to Discuss Free Agency

As the summer kicks off, the 2019 NBA Draft revs up, and NBA free agency appears on the horizon, two of the sport’s biggest pending free agents are discussing their plans for the upcoming free agency period.

According to Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher, Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving and Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant, both expected to hit the free agent market this summer, met in New York City to discuss potentially teaming up in free agency to make another formidable team in the NBA.

Durant’s situation will be interesting, as he tore his ACL during the NBA Finals and is expected to miss most, if not all, of the 2019 NBA season.

“He’s [Durant] out of the hospital, he’s moved into a hotel for the time being in the New York area, and he and Kyrie [Irving] have met” Bucker said, during an appearance on The Herd with Colin Cowherd on FOX Sports Radio.

“They’ve continued the discussion about potentially playing together next season. KD has moved all his stuff, he’s planning on spending the summer and the foreseeable future in New York.

Every indication, if we’re tea-leaf reading at this point, is that KD is making plans to be elsewhere because, obviously, Kyrie is not going to be joining the [Golden State] Warriors any time soon.”

The Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks have been heavily linked to landing both superstars in free agency, with the Nets already making moves to make the necessary cap space to accommodate the max offers they likely will make to both Irving and Durant.

Brooklyn will also have to part with rising star D’Angelo Russell, who is restricted free agent and expected to draw significant interest from point-guard needy teams like the Indiana Pacers, Phoenix Suns, and Orlando Magic.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Irving has honed in on one destination, the Nets, which could mean that Durant would follow should Irving opt to join Brooklyn this summer.